Taylor vs. Stevie
State by State

In the epic battle of musical titans, Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac stand as iconic representatives of their respective eras. But who reigns supreme across the diverse landscape of the United States?

Delving into the purchasing habits of Victrola customers throughout the past, oh, year or so, we've unearthed intriguing insights into the nation's musical preferences. From coast to coast, some states have unequivocally pledged allegiance to either Swift's contemporary pop anthems or the timeless allure of Fleetwood Mac's classic rock melodies.

However, amidst this fervent allegiance, we've encountered states where the divide is more nuanced, with fans torn between the two musical powerhouses. Yet, amid the expected rivalry, one rare anomaly emerged – a state whose musical palate defied convention, opting for a different artist altogether.

Join us as we uncover the surprising nuances of musical allegiance and explore the cultural tapestry of America through the lens of its favorite tunes.