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Wooden Record Players

Showcasing a classic appearance with a modern design, our  wooden record player is the ideal music device for the traditionalist at heart who also appreciates the latest technology.

Now with our wooden record players, you can have a single audio device that plays your vinyl records, includes a cassette and CD player, and even has a built-in radio for all your music needs. The possibilities for enjoying premium sound and music quality are truly endless when using our vintage record players from Victrola.

Finding the Perfect Wooden Record Player

Fit with a 3-speed belt driven turntable, Bluetooth capability, and even a built-in CD player, our Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player has it all. If that wasn’t enough, our 8-in-1 retro wooden record player also offers cassette and AM/FM radio with rotary tuner so you can listen to your music however you please.

For those that just want to break out their old vinyl record collection and listen to their favorite albums, our Wood Wall Mount Bluetooth Record Player is another fantastic option as well. Not only does it offer premium sound quality and Bluetooth capability, but it also saves space and serves as a timeless decorative piece for any living room or bedroom.

At Victrola, we make listening to your favorite album easy. Exactly how it should be.

To find a vinyl and CD vintage wood turntable and record player, check out our full collection online or in-store today.

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