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Modern Record Players & Turntables

Record players and turntables are both classic and timeless. Due to progressive advancements in technology, however, most music and sound systems have become digitized, leaving older models extinct and just a treasure from the past.

In order to preserve the nostalgia of the record player, Victrola has created modern turntable and record player devices, ideal for all music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Using the latest technology combined with a contemporary design, our modern record player is the perfect music device for anyone who appreciates superior sound quality and an unforgettable listening experience.

Finding the Perfect Modern Vinyl Player

The Victrola 2-Speed belt drive Pro USB Record Player is both sleek and stylish. This device is a fully automatic turntable with auto lift and auto return operation, making it a simple device with all the necessary features.

If you’re looking for the full package, we suggest shopping for a modern record player with speakers. Built with a multiple-speed, belt driven turntable, Bluetooth capability, and wireless speakers, our Victrola Acrylic Bluetooth Record Player is a quality device for both Dj’s and music lovers. Also in our modern record player styles, we’ve created our classic Victrola Modern Design 50 watt Record Player that comes with Bluetooth, a 3-speed turntable, and high quality ceramic cartridge. With bluetooth capabilities, listen to music from across the room or use the RCA output jack for external speakers.

Still don’t know which modern day record player to choose? Come and check out our website or talk to one of our representatives at Victrola to learn more about our different collections like our modern vinyl record player, vintage vinyl record players and more!

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