Frequently Asked

Please visit our dedicated FAQ page for the Stream products here.

Yes, the Victrola Stream turntables work with both S1 and S2 Sonos products.

Be sure to check the email used to purchase the order, including the spam folder. If you have still not received confirmation, please fill out our support form at Our team will resend your confirmation and update your email addresses if needed.

Packages are double boxed and sealed with packing tape to assure that your item will not move around or become damaged during the shipping process. Please be aware to unscrew the safety screw that holds down the platter so it will not be damaged in shipping.

If your order contains multiple items, it may ship from different warehouse locations. Tracking information will be sent as items are shipped.

Allow up to 5 business days for your order to process when calculating delivery dates. 

Note: Additional delays may occur due to severe weather or other carrier delays. 

Standard Shipping: allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Albums will be shipped via USPS Media Mail; all other products via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.

Expedited Shipping: allow 2-5 business days for delivery. Albums will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail; all other products via UPS 2-Day Air or FedEx 2-Day Air.

Overnight Shipping: allow 1-2 business days for delivery. All products will be shipped via UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Next Day Air. 

For a more information, please check our order status page or contact us.

Shipping packages isn’t a perfect science and unfortunately, this can result in lost or delayed packages. To track your package please go to our order status page.

If your package becomes lost in transit, Victrola will reach out to the carrier directly to resolve the issue with as little inconvenience to you as possible. If the package is not able to be located, you will receive a replacement item of the same model at no cost. To begin this process, please fill out our support form.

Albums classified as pre-order are not yet available. The Street Date given by the record label is subject to change. Placing a pre-order does not guarantee shipment. Every effort is made to ensure first delivery on all pre-orders, but due to unforeseen high-demand and limited availability on some titles, we are unable to guarantee fulfillment. Any pre-order of an oversold title is subject to cancellation and full refund.

You may cancel your order for our other products within one hour of ordering by contacting us at You will receive a confirmation email if your order is cancelled. We cannot guarantee cancellation during the Holiday season. 

The refund can take 1-3 business days depending on your bank. After one hour, there is no guarantee we can stop the shipment before it leaves. If we are unable to cancel, contact us for a return authorization once you receive your order.

Record Store/Vinyl orders cannot be cancelled. To request a return, contact us with your order number.

To request a change, contact us with your order number. 

To return a product, contact us with your order number, place of purchase, and other relevant information.

Refunds normally take 1-3 business days to complete, depending on your bank.

Please contact us with your correct address.

We currently only ship to the 48 contiguous states.

We currently only ship to the 48 contiguous states in the US.

We currently only ship to the 48 contiguous states in the US. You can find Victrola products in Canada at the following retailers:

We accept USD (U.S Dollars).

The return policy is for 30 days from the purchase date; however, our warranty is up to one year. After 30 days from the purchase date, we will assist in a replacement or merchandise credit provided the product is defective. If you need further assistance or clarification, please fill out the form on our Support Page or visit

Our holiday warranty starts November 1st. If you purchased your product after November 1st, you have until January 17th to return your unit.

We can register your item for you. Please provide with the following information on the Victrola Support Page:

Model Number:

Serial Number:

Full Name:



Phone Number:


You cannot add or remove any items once the order has been placed. If you forgot to add a discount code, please contact us and a customer service specialist will add the code retroactively for you.

Once you have selected all devices/vinyl for your order, go to your shopping cart and select Checkout located at the bottom of your order. You will then be redirected to the checkout out page where you can insert your coupon code in the box on the top right side of your screen. Note you may only use one coupon code per order. If there is an automatic promotion in place, you will not be able to use another coupon code with your order. 

Unfortunately, we do not allow orders to be split between 2 cards at this time. You can only split an order with merchandise credit and a credit card.

We apologize as some outdated registration flyers are still caught in circulation. Our registration gift program has been discontinued. We are sorry for the confusion and thank you for your new Victrola purchase!

Please refer to our manual repository located on our site here.

View the instructional video here.

Every Victrola player has Bluetooth-Input capabilities, meaning you can connect any phone or streaming device to your Victrola to play wirelessly. 

Bluetooth-Out capabilities used to wirelessly connect to external speakers are only found in our Eastwood, Ellington, Journey+ and Canvas models.

We have 4 products that have both AM and FM radio. They are the Retro Bluetooth Record Player, The Linden, The Bluetooth Boombox, and the Mini Bluetooth Boombox. All our other radio included products are FM only.

If applicable with your model, a wired speaker can be connected via RCA cable. For Amplifier device with this input, insert the white and red plugs on the RCA cable into the unit. Insert the opposite end into the amplifier device. Be sure to connect the white plug to white jack and the red plug to the red jack or this connection will not work.

First, take the 45 adaptor and place it over the center of the turntable. Then, change the speed to 45 on the speed selector located to the right of the tone arm. You can now play your favorite 45’s!

The Aviator Signature has the following upgrades compared to The Aviator: An improved HiFi Stereo Sound, a cleaning cloth, a 3 pack of replacement needles and 10 record sleeves.

Start by unboxing your record player and making sure you have received all the correct pieces. Make sure to find a straight, level area to place your record player as any slanted surface can cause an issue with the player skipping. Plug in the power cord to the appropriate power supply and into the back of the player. If your records are not playing properly or the turntable is not spinning, then please try adjusting the screw on the back of the turntable by turning it a quarter of a turn each time and then try playing a record.

This might be a result of feedback from other audio/electronic devices that are sources of static and or vibrations. It is advisable to Keep your turntable on a flat, sturdy, level surface and to use only one piece of audio equipment within the outlet. Another possibility would be that the transportation screw is not fully loosened. Please double check the transportation screw and fully loosen it to remedy the humming. 

This can be a result of electrical interference such as a phone near by the speakers or ground loops. A ground loop in home stereos typically occur when turntables are plugged into different electrical outlets than the amplifier. Please move the turntable and/or speakers to a different outlet. Please select different inputs to confirm the humming is on each input. Please double check all wire inputs are correctly seated. If it is a continued issue, please reach out to us directly.

This is normal, ensure the record player is on a completely flat surface. The platters have give in order to prevent them from skipping during playback. If the turntable is operating correctly and the platter is wobbly but not causing the vinyl to skip, then this is not cause for concern.

Fill out the contact us form and in the drop-down menu on the “Inquiry Type” field, please select “Product Technical Support”.  You will then see the “Support Type” field appear, and then you must select “Replacement part request” on the drop-down menu, and fill out the rest of the form.

We do not carry replacement dust covers at this time. If you have a broken dust cover, please contact us and we will assist you accordingly.

To reboot your unit, simply unplug the unit from the wall outlet and let it rest for about 6-8 hours. After you plug the unit back in, try the below mentioned steps for continued troubleshooting.

Please fill out the form to contact us, and in the drop-down menu on the “Inquiry Type” field, please select “Product Technical Support”.  You will then see the “Support Type” field appear, and then you must select “Product not working properly” on the drop-down menu, and fill out the rest of the form. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive further assistance from our customer support team.

too quick, please adjust your record player to 33 referring to the product’s manual. If you wish to adjust it to 45 RPM, please use the 45 RPM disc and adjust your turntable to 45 RPM using the manual. Finally, if you need to play at 77 RPM, you will most likely need to hold both buttons, the 33 and 45 to reach 77 RPM. Also, clean the vinyl and ensure it is not skipping using the above methods. 

Needles can last up to 50-300 hours depending on the condition of the records and unit purchased (needle wear will be increased playing faster records such as 78 RPM records). We recommend cleaning your needle by using compressed air or a clean paint brush to remove dust and debris as needed.

Needles can be purchased on our website here, or by contacting our Customer Service Team.

View our compatibility chart here.

Instructions on how to properly install needles are available here.

Remove dust with a clean lint-free cloth semi-regularly to ensure no dust is coating the needle and internals. Wipe in the direction of the wood grain using a furniture polish rather than an aerosol cleaner.

Remove dust with a clean lint-free cloth semi-regularly. In order to clean the unit, we recommend a slightly moistened towel to remove build up as well as a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture.

We recommend cleaning your vinyl with a lint-free cloth upon finishing your listening session.

When handling your vinyl, ideally you would want to avoid touching any part of the vinyl with a playable groove. Instead, handle the vinyl carefully by the edges and inner label.

Store your vinyl in a clean, cool, dry place avoiding high temperatures and humidity which may cause warping.

Never store your records horizontally on top of one another because of possible warping. You can find Victrola vertical storage crates and stands in our accessories collection

Do not allow your vinyl to become loose inside the jacket. Store Vinyl in an inner sleeve made of paper to better protect your music.  

Keep record players in clean, dry locations. Keep all accessories with your unit such as the manual, power adapters, needles, etc. Do not stock anything on top of your vinyl OR record players.