Needle chart

Model Name Needle
ITUT-420 The Modern ITNP-Y2
ITUT-5000 Innovative Technology USB Turntable ITNP-LC1
ITVS-550BT Innovative Technology Suitcase Record Player  ITNP-Y1
ITVS-750B Innovative Technology Wood 7-in-1 Nostalgic Player  ITNP-LC1
V50-200 The Retro Record Player ITNP-LC1
VJB-105 The Nostalgic Wood 50" Full-size Jukebox ITNP-LD1
VM-100C The Acrylic ITNP-J1
VPRO-2000 Professional Series USB Record Player ATN3600L
VPRO-3100 Victrola Pro USB Record Player  ATN3600L
VSC-400SB The Journey+ ITNP-S1
VSC-400SB The Canvas VND-08
VSC-550BT The Journey ITNP-Y1 and ITNP-S1
VSC-550BT CNV The Canvas VND-08
VSC-580BT The Parker ITNP-S1
VSC-590BT The Brooklyn ITNP-LC1
VTA-200B 6-in-1 Nostalgic Record Player ITNP-LC1 and ITNP-S1
VTA-204B Classic 7-in-1 Turntable ITNP-S1 and ITNP-LC1
VTA-205B The Hawthorne ITNP-S1
VTA-240B The Metropolitan ITNP-LC1
VTA-245B The Cambridge ITNP-LC1
VTA-247B The Brookline ITNP-LC1
VTA-270B The Empire ITNP-LC1
VTA-280B The Austin ITNP-LC1
VTA-300B The Sherwood ITNP-LC1
VTA-320B The Avery ITNP-LC1
VTA-330B The Highland ITNP-LC1
VTA-370B The Empire Signature ITNP-LC1
VTA-380SB The Ellington VND-08
VTA-600B The Navigator ITNP-LC1
VTA-60 The 5-in-1 Wood Record Player ITNP-Y2
VTA-65 All-in-1 Record Player ITNP-S1
VTA-67 3-in-1 Record Player ITNP-S1
VTA-71 The Brighton VND-08
VTA-72 The Eastwood ATN3600L
VTA-750B The Aviator ITNP-LC1
VTA-754B The Aviator Signature ITNP-LC1
VTA-800B 5-in-1 Nostalgic Record Player ITNP-LC1
VTA-80-ESP The Jackson ITNP-C1
VTA-810B The Plaza ITNP-LC1
VWM-10 Journey ITNP-S1
VWM-100SB Journey+ ITNP-S1