Owners Manuals

Victrola Stream Line:

VPT-3000 Stream Carbon

VPT-2000 Stream Onyx

Premiere Line:

The T1 Turntable System components:

The V1 Turntable Music System components:

Record Players:

VTA-810B-BLK The Plaza

VTA-800B 5-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth® Record Player

VTA-80-ESP The Jackson

VTA-754B-MAH The Aviator Signature

VTA-750B The Aviator

VTA-75 5-in-1 Record Player with Stand

VTA-73 The Eastwood Signature

VTA-72-BAM The Eastwood

VTA-71-MAH The Brighton

VTA-67 3-in-1 Bluetooth® Record Player

VTA-65 All-in-1 Bluetooth® Record Player

VTA-600B The Navigator

VTA-60-ESP The 5-in-1 Wood Record Player

VTA-380SB The Ellington

VTA-370B-ESP The Empire Signature

VTA-330B The Highland

VTA-320B The Avery

VTA-300B The Sherwood

VTA-280B-FNT The Austin

VTA-270B The Empire

VTA-250B 4-in-1 Turntable

VTA-247B-FOT The Brookline

VTA-245B-FOT The Cambridge

VTA-240B The Metropolitan

VTA-205B The Hawthorne

VTA-204B Classic 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

VTA-200B 6-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth® Record Player

VSC-750 Revolution GO

VSC-725 Re-Spin

VSC-590BT The Brooklyn

VSC-580BT The Parker

VSC-550BT The Journey

VSC-500SB The Journey

VSC-450SB The Journey+ Signature

VSC-400SB-CNV The Canvas

VSC-400SB The Journey+

VPT-3000 Stream Carbon

VPRO-3100 Pro USB Record Player

VPRO-2000-SLV Professional Series USB Record Player

VM-130 The Hampton

VM-135 The Montauk

VM-100C Acrylic Bluetooth Record Player

VH-40-ESP The Memphis

VH-35-ESP The Dune

VH-25-ESP The Woodland

V50-200 Retro Bluetooth Record Player

ITVS-750B Wood 7-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player 

ITVS-550B Suitcase Record Player 

ITUT-5000 USB Turntable

ITUT-420 The Modern


VJB-127 Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox

VJB-105 The Nostalgic Wood 50" Full-size Jukebox with Record Player

VJB-130 The Mayfield

VJB-135 The Mayfield 

Radios and Clocks:

VC-525-DTC Bluetooth® Analog Clock Radio

VC-450-SLV Nostalgic Metal Flip Clock, 9 inch

VC-425-SLV Nostalgic Metal Flip Clock, 15 inch

VC-250-MAH Bedside Clock with FM Radio

VC-100 Bluetooth® Clock Radio

VBB-25-SLV Mini Bluetooth® Boombox

VBB-10 Bluetooth® Boombox

V50-600 Classic Neon Wall Clock

V50-250 Retro Bedside Stereo with CD Player

VS-120-MPL Bluetooth® Microsystem

VS-115 Bluetooth® CD Stereo System, Black

VRS-2800 Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio

VRS-5000-GRY The Linden

VRS-2400 The Houston

Bluetooth Speakers:

VPB-200 Music Edition 1

VPB-400 Music Edition 2

VS-170 The Lily

VSG-160 Wood and Chrome Headphones

VSG-140 Gramophone

VS-160-ESP Tower Stereo

VS-140-WLN Wood Speaker Stand

VRS-2100 Nostalgic Wall Mounted Wood Speaker

VS-130 Hi-Fi Speaker

VAS-40B-BLK-K The Roadie

ITSBO-L513 Light-up LED Rock Speaker

ITSBO-530 Duck Pool Speaker

ITSBO-520-K Outdoor Party Speaker with Trolley

ITSBO-514 Umbrella Speaker

ITSBO-513PS5 5 Watt Solar Charging Rock Speakers

ITSBO-513PS10 10 Watt Solar Charging Rock Speakers

ITSBO-513P5 Outdoor Rock Speakers

ITSBO-512-BLU Pool Speaker

ITSBL-509 Retro Glitter Lamp

ITSBL-508 Classic Groovy Bubble Lamp

ITSBC-10 Speaker Cooler

ITSB-421 50 watt Bookshelf Speakers

ITSB-340L Tabletop Tower Speaker

ITSB-300L 40" Tower Speaker

ITSB-201-37 20 Watt Stereo Soundbar

ITSB-105 Tabletop Tower Speaker

ITHWB-700 Rechargeable Headphones

ITHW-858B TV Listening Headphones

ITCDS-5001-SLV CD Stereo System

ITCDS-5000-BLK 50 Watt Classic CD Stereo


VA-33 The Bridge Record Holder

VA-65 The Stand Record Holder

VA-75 The Shelves

Bright Tunes:

BRT-200-WG-80 Warm White Incandescent String Lights 

BRT-200-WE-12 Incandescent Clear Round Bulbs Lights

BRT-200-GI-80 3 color Multi Colored Incandescent String Lights

BRT-200-GG-80 Warm White Incandescent String Lights

BRT-200-EE-12 Incandescent Clear Round Bulbs Lights

BRT-100C-GF-80 3 color Multi Colored Incandescent String Lights

BRT-100-GA-80 White LED String Lights

BRT-100-BX-20 LED Decorative Rattan Globe String Lights