Hitchcock Robyn / Partridge Andy: Planet England


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Hitchcock Robyn / Partridge Andy: Planet England
Artist: Hitchcock Robyn / Partridge Andy
Title: Planet England

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Limited ten inch vinyl pressing. 2019 EP from the British rock icons. Its a veritable Clash of the Titans of English Pop music... a musical meeting of minds to rival King Kong Vs. Godzilla but sadly with no Ishiro Honda to chronicle an event of such magnitude and with both participants being English the actual meeting was less the cause of earthquakes and tsunamis more a case of... Tea and a chat followed by some - typically for both - fine pop song writing recording mixing a celebratory glass of wine and a trip to a restaurant for a curry and a pint of beer... all traditions as English in their longevity as the day they arrived on these shores from somewhere else... English and British popular music generally has consistently proved capable of absorbing refreshing renewing and placing a distinctive twist on a melange of sounds and influences from almost anywhere in the world while managing to preserve in many cases a distinctly local but not parochial flavour. So from two of the countrys finest songwriters come the first recordings from their recent collaborations and while there are logistics to be overcome - Swindon to Nashville so a boxed set is probably some while away - the resulting EP represents a unique Anglo/American at least in terms of geographical location of one of the participants take on things.

1.1 Turn Me on Deadman
1.2 Flight Attendants Please Prepare for Love
1.3 Got My
1.4 Planet England

H 0.16
W 7.30
L 10.09

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