Featured Record Store: Indy CD & Vinyl

Featured Record Store: Indy CD & Vinyl

by Don Inmon, Head of Product and Brand

In the heart of Broadripple Indiana, just North East of downtown Indianapolis, is the home of Indy CD & Vinyl. Owned and operated by Andy and Annie Skinner, Indy CD & Vinyl is one of the essential destinations for music acquisition and culture.

As you enter, you will see an environment that looks perhaps only slightly evolved from a 1980s record store older vinyl fans may have visited. You’re immediately greeted by any number of ICV’s friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable employees. The inside walls are lined with new releases and limited edition boxsets on one side, and turntables, rare vintage vinyl, and music related posters on the other.

In the rear of the store is a stage inviting children to play, draw, and interact on a daily basis, and they even have children’s music concerts to share the love of music with all ages. The Skinners provide a love of music, patrons, and employees that permeate the entire environment.

I’ve personally attended the last 7 years of Record Store Days patiently waiting outside surrounded by other vinyl fans eager to grab a rare piece of wax to add to their growing collection. Every time, without fail, a famous live concert will be mentioned which starts a fire of discussion throughout the line telling exciting stories of meeting this or that artist, or an amazing moment seared into the teller's brain tied to music. As a fan of live music, it’s clear to me why we are all in line -- we trust the ICV team to have the rarest of offerings on RSD, and we know we will have a chance to discover, re-live, and connect with a music moment that changed us. It’s almost like purchasing an instrument that the artist once used.

As an example of a truly incredible event at ICV, I was lucky enough to attend a concert by Mumford & Sons right there in the store. They put on a blistering performance which was truly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and best music moments I’ve ever experienced -- all brought to the public by Indy CD & Vinyl, and of course, Mumford & Sons.

If you’re curious about music, vinyl, or how music culture and vinyl culture is growing, go visit Andy and Annie and their amazing staff at Indy CD & Vinyl. It’s my record store of choice.


Visit Indy CD & Vinyl at:

806 Broad Ripple Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220


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