Bbq / Sultan Mark: Bbq - Mark Sultan


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Bbq / Sultan Mark: Bbq - Mark Sultan
Artist: Bbq
Title: Bbq - Mark Sultan

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release from Canadian musician and garage rock legend Mark Sultan AKA BBQ. This is the first album by BBQ since 2005s Tie Your Noose on the historic Bomp Label. BBQ is Mark Sultan who also has recorded many other albums and 45s as well as playing in bands like The King Khan & BBQ Show Almighty Defenders Ding-Dongs and Les Sexareenos etc. etc. BBQ is his preferred monicker for playing as a very strict live-recorded one-man band. This album serves as a little wink goodbye to any complexities past and a strong welcome back to the primitive brusque and airy rock n roll which has made Sultan beloved since 2003. Forgoing lo-fi BBQ is reinventing the one-man band taking it back for a loud clear and raw sound helmed by great songs sung truly and passionately. Recorded by himself in his basement live in one to two takes - twelve brand new killers.

1.1 Agitated
1.2 The Other Two
1.3 Broken Arms
1.4 Black and Blue
1.5 Knock on Wood
1.6 Rock Me
1.7 I Love You So Much
1.8 Now Youre Gone
1.9 You to Be Mine
1.10 Will You Teach Me
1.11 Its Suicide
1.12 Let Me Be

H 0.21
W 12.65
L 12.67

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