Agent Orange: Bloodstains


Release Date: 05/21/2021

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Agent Orange: Bloodstains
Artist: Agent Orange
Title: Bloodstains

1. Product Details

Limited edition ORANGE vinyl pressing of this greatest hits compilation from the true originators of the West Coast surf/punk scene Agent OrangeIncludes all of the bands best loved compositions such as Bloodstains Bite The Hand That Feeds Everything Turns Grey I Kill Spies and many more

1.1 Its All a Blur
1.2 Say It Isnt True
1.3 Breakdown
1.4 Wouldnt Last a Day
1.5 Everything Turns Grey
1.6 Message from the Underworld
1.7 El Dorado
1.8 Tearing Me Apart
1.9 Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad
1.10 I Kill Spies
1.11 Bloodstains
1.12 Whats the Combination
1.13 Bite the Hand That Feeds Instrumental
1.14 Seek and Destroy

H 0.19
W 12.15
L 12.31

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