Why you Need to Ditch your Old Speakers

Why you Need to Ditch your Old Speakers


Nothing transforms a home better than a quality surround sound system. Whether you love hosting parties or simply enjoy jamming to your own tunes, upgrading your speakers can significantly improve the way you consume music. 

And while there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your tried and true system, developments in the speaker industry have made it increasingly attractive to ditch them for something shiny. What are these bluetooth audio developments, and when is it time for an upgrade? Read on to find out.

How to Tell if You Need an Upgrade

Do your speakers take up too much space? Are the casings falling apart; the seams open and revealing the inner workings? And, perhaps most importantly, do your speakers rattle when played at too high of a volume? 

If so, yes, it’s time for an upgrade. But what audio equipment and components should you choose?

Traditionally, speaker systems have always required size to function effectively. Put simply, if audio quality was something you couldn’t sacrifice, this meant you needed to look for bulk. And if you wanted that bulk to also be affordable, well, good luck

This is no longer the case.

With developments in surround sound quality, Bluetooth technologies, and more, the speaker market has exploded with affordable, high-quality options.

New Developments in Speaker Technology

From enhanced connectivity to improved aesthetics, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the booming speaker market. And with any exponential improvement in technology, you can find these state of the art audio developments at reasonable rates. 

Some of the recent trends in the speaker market to look for are:

  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity have transformed the market. Not only can people connect any Bluetooth ready device directly to their speaker system, but they can also remotely connect several stereos to create the ultimate system. Say goodbye to clunky equipment with countless wires and welcome your new cordless speaker system with open arms and ears.
  • Hi-fi audio quality that makes your current system sound. Newer speaker systems feature high fidelity audio (hi-fi) that transcends the playing power of any older set. Hi-fi speaker systems boast a noticeably clearer sound than older systems. 
  • Playing power is also shifting quickly. Newer speaker systems feature much higher wattage, enabling them to be played at higher decibels without sacrificing quality. This deviates greatly from your old speaker set, which may start to shake or stutter when played at loud volumes.
  • Speaker systems are now increasingly more efficient than ever before. Your old speaker set will use up a lot of energy to produce lower quality sounds. Conversely, newer models make the most out of every wattage of power by producing more decibels per watt used.  
  • The presentation of speaker systems has also witnessed significant change. Not only are speaker producers packing more power and better quality audio into smaller devices, but speakers have also been integrating the best of modern decor. Audio furniture, for example, can be creatively incorporated into living rooms and bedrooms, while drawing limited visual attention.
  • You can also now combine the classic with the modern. New turntables that connect to your speaker system allow you to play both classic records and connect your device via Bluetooth audio, so you can make the most of your record collection without having to purchase separate components. 

Despite all these improvements, the one thing new speakers won’t be able to do is help you through the heartbreaking goodbye with your old system. Or maybe once you hear the improved quality of your favorite ‘79 Zeppelin album, it can.

The Victrola Offering

Victrola offers a wide range of speaker systems and audio furniture that will transform your home’s audio playing potential. The mission is to blend all the power of modern stereo systems with the aesthetics you want in your living room, bedroom, or backyard. 

Whether you are looking for an understated Bluetooth CD stereo system, retro record player, or beautiful audio furniture, Victrola has you covered. Our range of cutting-edge yet classic systems complement any living space, bringing timeless style and excellent audio quality into your home. Everything you could want is here, including:

  • Stereo options
  • Audio furniture
  • Record players
  • Jukeboxes
  • Outdoor audio equipment

Stereo Options

Victrola’s Bluetooth CD stereo systems pack all the power and listening quality that the modern speaker market has to offer. With 50 watts of power and the newest Bluetooth technology, the Victrola Bluetooth CD Stereo System will overhaul your listening potential and provide the perfect hi-fi replacement to your old speaker set. 

Audio Furniture

If you want your speaker system to blend perfectly into your living room, Victrola has the answer. Audio furniture blends sound mastery with contemporary wooden décor. With a wide selection to choose from, including credenzas, side tables, record storage tables, and more, the antique feel will fill your room with style.

Pair these items with your Victrola record player or stereo system, and you will be on your way to concert-level listening experience. 

Record Players and Jukeboxes

As the ultimate record player producer, Victrola’s line of turntables and jukeboxes will complement any home’s décor. These timeless essentials are now more modern than ever with full connectivity and hi-fi sound so that you can easily blend maturity with modern design ideas and trends. 

It really makes you wonder: Why just replace speakers when you can transform your music experience with a record player doubling as a speaker system?

Outdoor Options

Transform your backyard dining area, pool, or deck into a concert hall. Seamlessly connect your indoor system with outdoor options with Victrola’s Rock Speakers so that you don’t miss a beat on your way outside. 

Victrola’s catalog of products can help you shift the way you listen to music in the home or out back. By combining unrivaled audio quality with classical tastes, you can reinvent your outdoor space without overspending. 

Pairing the New With the Old | How Record Players Are Making a Comeback

Once you’ve chosen your upgraded speaker set up, it’s all about testing it out. While you can easily whip out your phone and blast the latest Top 40 within a matter of seconds, the real audiophile will take the time to connect their record player to their brand new speaker, so they can blast the best of the Beatles as they were originally meant to sound. 

That’s right, mixing traditional with modernity; record players are making a comeback.

Forbes noted the resurgence of vinyl goes back to 2011, writing:

“Sales and price numbers indicate that vinyl collecting spiked in popularity around 2011. That was the year when the music industry began its big shift to streaming. It was the time when music fans found that the best way to hear music digitally was on demand from an enormous online library rather than through permanent downloads that you have to buy and accumulate. In other words, streaming -- where you don't own the music you listen to -- made the ownership qualities of vinyl more apparent.”

Whether you’re a Billy Joel or Metallica fan (or anything in-between), you can gain the most of your listening experience by pairing your hi-fi speakers with the best of record player technology, also at Victrola. As the oldest record player brand still producing these, it’s a bragging right we’re happy to boast.

Recycle Your Old Speakers

Saying goodbye to your old stereo speakers doesn’t have to come with the extra burden of putting more junk into landfills. Thankfully, speaker systems are made of various materials that can be reused and applied to other products, making it beneficial to recycle them. Here are some of the most important reasons to recycle your old speaker set:

  • Electronic devices like speakers are rich in reusable metals that can be applied to a host of products
  • Most electronic products end up in landfills if they are not recycled properly
  • Electronic contain toxic materials that can damage the environment when not recycled properly

Go green by seeking out local recycling options, and enjoy your new Victrola speakers guilt-free!

Ditching Your Old Speakers

Advancements in speaker technology have made upgrading your speaker system a must for any music lover. Wireless connectivity, improved audio quality, increased playing power and efficiency, and the emergence of speaker furniture is having a major effect on how people listen to music in their homes. 

Now anyone can afford a new speaker system that offers the benefits of modern technology without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Victrola lets you combine all the comforts of modern equipment with timeless styles that can transform your home’s décor at a reasonable price. To make the most out of your home’s speaker system, check out Victrola’s wide range of stereo systems and audio furniture so that you can start jamming the right way today.