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What are the Benefits of Speaker Tables?

What are the Benefits of Speaker Tables?


If you’ve invested in high-quality sound speakers, you might glean some advice from your local audiophile who tells you to pair it with the proper speaker table. They claim it will help reduce any speaker rattling or dulled sounds at high volume.

As you nod along, you secretly wonder what they’re talking about. 

Aren’t speaker tables just tables with sound speakers in them?

Speaker Tables or Tables With Speakers?

Funny enough, speaker tables are often what music engineers call flat-top speaker stands. Speaker stands are typically vertical tripods that fit into and holster a speaker, whereas speaker tables have a flat surface that a speaker rests on. These speaker tables are used to lift the speaker into the air and help to maximize the audio quality.

Tables with speakers, on the other hand, are part of the hip trend in interior decorating— audio furniture. These pieces blend into your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, acting as furniture, and (because of their size and dimension) also act as premium audio equipment.

While in the case above, the audiophile was probably referring to speaker stands, there are benefits to having both to boost your music-listening game.

So, let’s dive into both!

Note: For the purposes of clarity in this article, tables with speakers will be “speaker tables” and flat-top speaker stands will be just “speaker stands.”

Audio Furniture, the Future of Home Sound Speaker Systems

Anyone who has invested in premium speakers wants to get the most out of their equipment. Audio furniture contains that quality inherently! Not only do you gain all the benefits of premier audio, but you’re also able to use the furniture as it was intended. Place this piece of furniture throughout the home for a musical expression that follows you from room to room and provides dual functionality.

There are various types of audio furniture currently available on the market:

  • Side tables with built-in speakers
  • Credenzas with built-in speakers
  • Record player stands with built-in speakers
  • TV stands that also contain speaker holders

Look for options that include Bluetooth connectivity and assist in cord placement to maximize your value. 

When choosing the right audio furniture, be sure to confirm that the product will not decrease the listening experience. There’s nothing worse than a rattling speaker or dulled sounds from a cheap cone. If you want to ensure you’re buying the best on the market, consider Victrola for all your audio furniture needs. 

Benefits of Speaker Tables

To understand the incredible benefits of this style of furniture, reimagine the possibilities of speaker tables:

  • Place your laptop on top and connect to the Bluetooth speaker for a movie theater experience you can place anywhere.
  • Get cozy with a book, a cup of tea, and some classical music. With a speaker table beside your reading chair, you can relax like it's Sunday, any day.
  • Dress a few of these tables up and place them around the room for a classy, music-driven cocktail hour party in your home!

Now, what about the other type of speaker table—the speaker stand? These have benefits too!

What About the Benefits of Speaker Stands?

There are several reasons to invest in speaker stands, with the most prominent being improved sound quality across the board. These products can revolutionize your speaker system and help them function properly, so you get the most out of your investment. 

When considering a speaker stand for your external audio system, there are a few important benefits worth noting:

  • Distancing – Speaker stands leverage distancing to produce the best possible sounds from your stereo system. When you couple two or more speakers, they produce sound in harmony. With the perfect amount of distance between each speaker, the overall quality of the sound produced is enhanced. 
  • Minimizing Reflections – Having your speakers elevated properly instead of sitting on the floor or bookshelf minimizes reflections. No one enjoys hearing their speaker rattle against the shelf or a wall. Speaker stands are specifically designed so that reflections do not occur, and your surround sound remains pure. 
  • Ear Level Sound – A major benefit of speaker stands is their ability to place the audio at ear level. This dramatically enhances sound quality for the listener especially in regard to higher frequencies. 
  • Better Cable Storage – Most speaker stands are designed to simplify cable storage and positioning. Some even come with specific jacks so that you can plug the speakers directly into the stand. 
  • Bluetooth and USB Capability – Some of the best features of newer speaker stands are their Bluetooth and USB capabilities. Even if your speakers are not Bluetooth ready, plugging them into a Bluetooth speaker stand will enable you to play music or audio from across the room. 
  • Enhanced Bass – One of the biggest problems associated with leaving your speaker on the floor or shelf is that bass sounds become muddled. Speaker stands counteract this and purify the bass. 
  • Presentation – There’s something about speaker stands that make your audio system pop. With a few speakers propped up throughout the room, you’re always ready for a flashy concert.

Tips for Installing Speaker Stands

While installing speaker stands is generally straightforward, there are a few dynamics to be aware of before getting started. The benefits of a speaker stand can be easily undermined without proper installation, which varies depending on the type of stand you purchase and the room where it is installed. 

Some important factors include:

  • Speaker Stand Spikes – These spikes are especially important for stands that are placed in carpeted rooms. They ensure that the stands remain in place and do not fall over, while at the same time enhancing the stand’s ability to keep your speakers mounted properly and maximize sound quality. 
  • Weight – If your speakers are heavier than your stand, you are in trouble. Heavy speakers have the potential to fall over if they are not secured correctly and placed on a stand that weighs more or equal to a given speaker. If you are purchasing a stand for an especially heavy set of speakers, be sure to invest in a weighted stand.
  • Distance from the Wall – Depending on the level of bass that your speaker produces, it would be a good idea to keep your stands away from the wall. Lower bass speakers can comfortably fit next to the wall, but high bass speakers will create significant vibrations if not placed at a safe distance. 
  • Cable Storage – Always consider cable storage first when installing speaker stands. The best speaker stands will come with specified cable storage, so be sure to plan ahead in regard to distance from your plug. 

Of course, always consult your speaker stands user guide for model-specific information.

Audio Furniture and Speaker Tables

With a wide array of speaker furniture designed specifically to meet the needs of every music lover, Victrola can enhance every home’s listening experience. Whether you’re ready to find your perfect speaker table or are looking to replace an old audio system, Victrola should be your first stop. 

  • Victrola’s Bluetooth Wood Speaker Table provides all the advantages of a speaker stand with the added benefit of full Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports, enabling you to transform your audio consumption and make the most out of your speakers. 
  • Victrola’s audio furniture collection includes a wide range of options, including credenzas, side tables, record storage, and much more. Each of which comes with built-in speakers that enhance your listening capabilities and classic wooden frames that fit perfectly into any home’s interior design. 
  • Connect your speaker set to a Victrola record player or go with the Victrola Jackson 7-in-1 Music Center that doubles as a wireless speaker set with the addition of a record player.

Let your music and audio playing potential flourish by checking out the Victrola catalog of products now. If you are looking for the best option in speaker tables and audio furniture, Victrola is your one-stop shop!

The Endless Joy and Functionality of Speaker Tables

Speaker tables and stands can revolutionize your home and let your speakers work to their fullest potential. When determining which stands or audio furniture to go with, it is vital to take into account your home’s requirements to get the most out of your speaker system. 

Be sure to consult this guide’s tips on installation before purchasing a speaker stand or table. Every model is different and has various requirements which can alter performance. All in all, speaker stands and tables should empower every speaker owner to get the best possible audio quality out of their set of equipment.

And now that the difference between the two has been clearly defined, you’ll no longer scratch your head at offhand comments from audiophiles.

Victrola’s catalog contains several options that will help you create the best possible audio environment for your home. Check out the catalog now and bring your music and audio listening potential to a whole new level!

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