Top 10 Gifts for Music Lovers

Top 10 Gifts for Music Lovers

The holiday season approaches, and with it comes the need to find that perfect gift. Not that a special occasion is required to remind your friends and loved ones how much you appreciate them. But having a certain time of year where the theme surrounds giving and receiving is welcomed by all. 

We all know there are gifts that are better for certain people than others and we also know it can be overwhelming to pick a gift with so many options to select from. So, we’ve compiled a mini gift guide to help you find a unique gift  for the musician or music fan in your life!

If you’re trying to think of the perfect gift for the music fans in your life, be sure to check out these top 10 gifts. That way you won’t be the person who still thinks an mp3 player is a good idea as a present for a music lover.

#1 Jukebox

What used to sit in every diner and bar across the country is now readily available for your living room. A jukebox (for those under the age of 25) was a coin-operated music box that housed all the top records of the time. Just throw in a nickel or quarter, and you could listen to your favorite artists or album (Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, or Blondie) pumped through the speakers.

It was always exciting, flipping through the hundreds of 45-records to find the artist and song that fit the right mood. Maybe it was a bit nerve-wracking, considering everybody in the room was going to judge the song you chose.

Now, however, when you gift a jukebox, you can play “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls on repeat without fear of side-eye glances. We’re not here to judge your favorite song...just here to help you start the party.

  • Perfect For: The dad who loves to swing dance. The Grandma who wants to boogie. Or the hipster friend who’s into any and all old-timey collectibles. Listening to music on a jukebox is a gift that keeps on giving.

#2 Suitcase Record Player

If you’re looking for the best record player under 100 dollars, you need to check out the suitcase record player. Not only is it stylish by design, but the choices are nearly limitless. Any color, patterned or solid, you’re sure to find it in the suitcase section. 

And the best part about the suitcase record player? It’s portable! If you want to bring your vinyl on the go, just close the top and lock it up. The portable turntable suitcase record player is meant for those bitten by the traveling bug.

  • Perfect For: The sisterhood of traveling pants… Or anybody who loves to be on the road with their favorite albums. 
  • #3 Speaker System

    No speaker game is ever complete. There are always bigger, better, and higher quality sounds available to the music fanatic. You can inch them closer to the golden notes they desire by offering them an extra speaker or speaker system or adding a bluetooth speaker system into their collection. 

    For a quick understanding of speakers, there are three main categories for a quality tune:

    • Low tones – To pick up the lower end of the musical spectrum, you need subwoofers. In general, the ideal ratio to have is twice as many subs as mid-range speakers.
    • Mid tones – Mid-range speakers allow for the majority of the music spectrum to be played. They provide a base level of sound to build off of.
    • High tones – For the highest of the highs, tweeters are the speakers you need. This will pick up everything from those final notes on the guitar or violin solo to the crash symbols on the drums.

    Do some reconnaissance first! What speakers do they already own? Are they missing any pieces to their speaker setup? What are the best record player speakers?

  • Perfect For: The house party veterans. The ones who love inviting large groups over to celebrate into the wee hours of the night.
  • #4 Acrylic Turntable

    An acrylic turntable is a modern take on the typical record player look. These players can come completely transparent or tinged with a hint of color, allowing you to express your personality through your musical equipment.

    Pair this with two acrylic speakers, and you’ll have a completely unique turntable to either decorate a home or take with you to your next DJ performance.

    • Perfect For: Your DJ friend who is serious about their craft. An acrylic turntable will help them stand out among the crowd of other musicians. 

    #5 Pool Speaker

    If you have a pool in your backyard, you know how fun it is to host pool parties, summer BBQs, and other social events. And you know how important it is to have music. While before, you’d have to settle for a speaker blasting from inside the house or a speaker in the corner of the yard, now you can bring the music straight into the pool.

    Waterproof, floating speakers are perfect for a relaxing day in the sun or splashing around with the kids on the weekend. If you want to go on the pricier end, there are underwater speakers available that change the sound waves of the music to produce normal tones underwater.

    • Perfect For: Anybody who has a pool, really. The pool speaker is an immediate upgrade to the swimming experience and will make pool parties in demand.

    While on the subject of wireless outdoor speakers, there are similar great gift ideas:

    • Disguised Bluetooth speakers – You can find weatherproof speakers in the shape of rocks to tune up your outdoor firepit or seating area. Place it among other rocks to disguise where the music is coming from.
    • String lights with speakers – These string lights can decorate the Christmas tree, an outdoor patio, or a bedroom. For the music lover, they include four Bluetooth speakers, turning a light show into a concert.

    #6 Retro Record Player

    For those who want to make a statement about the good old times, a retro record player is a necessity. These record players fuse together the design and look of old record players with the functionality and technology of today’s era.

  • Perfect For: The nostalgic souls who long for relics of the past will enjoy the memories these retro players conjure up.
  • #7 Bluetooth Speaker Credenza or Side Table

    Many people end up sticking their record player in a cabinet or atop a random table in their living room. Offering audio furniture designed with music lovers in mind could be the perfect gift. Upgrade that tiny portable speaker they’re using in the living room with audio furniture. With Victrola’s Bluetooth Speaker Credenza and Bluetooth Speaker Side Table, the furniture in the living room suddenly has multiple purposes:

    • With a built-in speaker, any social gathering becomes a party immediately
    • Friends can look through your record collection  and choose the next record easily
    • It provides a protective casing for the turntable and records

    In the way some people prefer to have their TV set inside a cabinet, you can offer the same elegance for your music equipment.

  • Perfect For: The stylish friend who loves furniture with both form and function.
  • #8 Headphones

    Sometimes, you want to sit alone and listen to your favorite records. Other times you want to blast music, but it’s far too late and doing so would wake up the neighbors. For these times and more, having a comfortable set of headphones or earbuds is an essential accessory. 

    There are many different options to consider when gifting a set of headphones.

    • Noise-cancelling – These headphones produce a sound wave that cancels outside noise. With this technology, the dog barking across the street and your neighbor’s kid crying will turn into sweet melodies.
    • Noise-reducing – A cheaper option is to get noise-reducing headphones that fit snugly over the ears and help to lessen all outside sound.
    • Bluetooth capability – When you’re doing chores around the house and don’t want to deal with the headphone cord getting stuck on every nook and crevice, having Bluetooth headphones is a must.

    Whichever headphones you decide to gift your music-loving friends, they are sure to be both surprised and excited. 

  • Perfect For: The friend with a home office who enjoys listening to records while they work. Your fitness friend who needs a better set of wireless headphones for on-the-go audio.
  • #9 Personalized Music Playlist

    For anybody who was born before the ‘90s, you might recognize this gift idea as a “mixtape.” In the past, you would sit in front of a radio or speaker with a microphone and record different songs onto a cassette tape and gift it to a friend or crush.

    Now, of course, there’s iTunes, Spotify, and countless other music streaming sources. Plus, not many people have access to a cassette player—thus, the reason for a personalized music playlist.

    Sharing your favorite songs in a curated list is an awesome gift idea for music lovers. You can jot down the reasons why you picked each song in a handwritten letter or craft them into a story. A playlist is an inexpensive (free) and thoughtful gift idea that comes straight from the heart and will be appreciated more than anything money can buy.

    • Perfect For: The friend who you want to know better. Remember, sharing the music you love is equivalent to sharing your soul—choose this gift for someone special in your life.

    P.S. If you want to try your hand at the lost art form of crafting a true mixtape, the effort and results will be greatly appreciated.

    #10 Vinyl Record Storage Case

    If your music lover friend already has all the equipment they need to listen to their music, an accessory might be a better option. In terms of the best record player accessories, a unique and stylish storage case for your records is a five-star choice. Not only do storage cases provide protection from the elements, but they can be found in multiple different styles and colors to match your friend’s personality.

  • Perfect For: The vinyl lover friend who has everything… except for a matching record storage case. Also perfect for music collectors and travelers alike.
  • Gifts are Better Given than Received 

    So goes the saying, it’s better to give gifts than to receive them. Although, to be frank, receiving gifts is also great. But if you’re thinking of the ideal present for your music-loving friend, any of these gifts above will do. Be sure to include a card with a note that explains how much you appreciate having this person in your life. 

    But when you’re done with all of that, make sure to check out cool record players for yourself. Happy gifting!