Which Record Player Suits Your Personality?

Which Record Player Suits Your Personality?

Finding the perfect record player is as much an art as it is a science. You have to consider your budget, whether you want an automated or manual turntable, and decide between all the designs and colors available. Each of these categories will filter out a subset of record players, and from there, only one question remains…

Which record player suits your personality? 

Whether you’re a cigar and Chopin fan, or a Deadhead for life, let’s discuss how to find some cool record players that are ideal for you.

Different Types of Portable Record Players

Music is an artistic expression that touches each person in a unique way. A vinyl collection is a key into the soul, a dive into the deepest emotional reservoir. Thus, it follows that the equipment on which you listen to music is a reflection of you as well. 

Sharing an intimate piece of yourself is easier when you’re confident of your choices. This can be accomplished by hand-picking both the music and musical equipment. Just think, your excellent tastes in music deserve to be played for others in the highest quality and design.

Thus, finding the vinyl turntable that matches your personality is partly a spirit quest. Consider these designs to get you started on your journey:

  • Wooden design for the traditionalist
  • Modern style for the eclectic
  • Suitcase player for the traveling pants
  • Retro model for those nostalgic souls

Wooden Record Player

Are you a traditionalist at heart? Do you fancy the finer things, have an eye for craftsmanship, and a palette for the classics? A wooden record player might be the ideal candidate for you then. Coming with the latest technology, Bluetooth capability, and built-in stereo, these players will beg an evening inside with a scotch and your favorite record.

Choose between the various wooden colors of walnut, espresso, rich mahogany, and more. Whatever wooden turntable catches your fancy, you’re sure to find it with Victrola.

Modern Record Player

If you believe the past is meant to be left where it belongs: in the past, then you might be geared toward the modern record player design. Modern record players come with contemporary styles inspired by the old but designed with the future in mind. Think acrylic or single-colored record players with that glossy piano finish and a sleek dust cover.

Suitcase Record Player

Imagine being able to take your record player wherever you went. The suitcase turntable is the balanced effort of both style and functionality. A great talking point in any room, this record player stands out as a unique way to house your musical equipment. Plus it's a portable turntable that allows you to bring your tunes anywhere. 

Ideal for those who have the traveling bug and a passion for the unique sound of a vinyl record:

  • Easy to pack and take on road trips across country or fly with overseas. 
  • Great for sharing your love of vinyl with family and friends 
  • Add a classy touch to any party or social gathering

Color Your Soul

The suitcase record player from Victrola also comes with an abundance of style, designs, and colors. Some notables include:

  • Tie Dye – For the hippie at heart, enjoy the colorful spiral of this tie dye record player.
  • UK or American Flag – Are you patriotic and want to show it? Grab a record player with either the UK or American flag on it.
  • Pink Camo – Blend in among sparkles and rainbows with this fun twist on camo design.
  • Black Plaid – If you own a pair of black plaid pants, you will never look cooler than when you’re rocking the pants and an accompanying black plaid portable record player.

To match both your personality and your home’s décor, the suitcase record player has myriad designs available.

Retro Record Player

For those who want the best of both worlds—the timelessness of a vintage record player and the superior sound quality and functionality of modern technology — vintage turntables are your best bet. This turntable will add a throwback touch to your living room.

How to Choose a Record Player?

Picking the perfect record player is going to take some soul searching. There are some things to know before you buy a record player. And you might end up having to ask yourself the tough questions. What do you value in life? What is your purpose? Why are we here on this planet…? Okay, maybe not that tough of questions.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the style of the room? If you already have a color template, theme, or overall feel of a room, you can narrow in on the right record player.
  • Do you want a portable turntable? Do you love to travel? Would a record player spice up the next dinner party at your friend’s house? Suitcase record players are easy for on-the-go traveling and spontaneous events.
  • What statement do you want to make with your record player? Maybe your record player is something to be decorative and used from time to time with friends. Or maybe music is a centerpiece in your life, and you want your record player to be a reflection of that.
  • Are you into classic or current trends? For the classic feel, the wooden and retro record players will probably have the image you’re seeking. For current styles, both the modern and suitcase record players will be more your speed.
  • Pair With The Ideal Setup

    Once you’ve found the best record player that suits your personality, it’s time to give it a real home. That means offering it everything it needs to perform optimally and shine, including:

      • Proper speaker setup
      • Vinyl record housing
      • Cleaning Kit

    The Speaker Setup

    The record player on its own might not be enough to satisfy your music cravings. While Victrola record players come with built-in speakers, they are also compatible with external speakers, so you can share your music at any volume. 

    For a brief overview, there are three main speaker types:

    • Mid-range – This is the standard speaker, the one you would buy if you were only purchasing a single speaker. It will give you the full range of audio but won’t have the highest of high ranges nor the lowest of low ranges. For those, you’ll need:
    • Tweeters – Tweeters amplify and bring out those high crash symbols, electric guitar solos, and the singers who can belt it.
    • Subwoofers – Subs are meant to give your music the “oomph” of the kick drum, bass guitar, and low note melodies.

    There are also various speakers made for a specific purpose. Consider the following when choosing the perfect speaker setup:

    • Bluetooth speakers – Connect your record player or other device to Bluetooth speakers to avoid dealing with wires and cords. 
    • Outdoor speakers – If you enjoy the sunshine or a musical evening with the stars, getting a pair of outdoor speakers will complete your vinyl player experience.
    • Pool speakers – Listen to your favorite records while relaxing in a floating tube.
    • Audio Furniture – The convenience of speakers built in to the actual furniture for easy listening and entertaining. Not to mention, pretty awesome.

    Vinyl Record Housing

    It’s important to keep your vinyl records stored properly. Because the record player tone arm reads the thin microgrooves between the ridges of the vinyl, you need to ensure it’s kept in pristine condition. For this, you’ll need vinyl record housing.

    • Vinyl sleeves – Also known as vinyl jackets, these are paper or plastic coverings for your records. It keeps dust and oils off your vinyl, so you can instantly play your favorite record without worrying about scratches or cleaning it off first.
    • Crates – Go with a classic wooden crate to hold your favorite records. It offers both a protective storage area, and it’s a fashionable choice.
    • Protective carrying cases – If you’re interested in a portable record player, you should also consider a protective carrying case for your vinyl records. Get one to match the color and style or combine various colors to please the eye.

    Vinyl Cleaning Kit

    Vinyl records will naturally build up dirt, skin oils, and dust in their grooves. It’s important to regularly clean them to avoid scratching the microgrooves and damaging both the record player needle and the record itself.

    To make your records shine like new, be sure to have a cleaning kit that includes:

    • Record cleaning brush – To clean a record, spin the turntable and brush gently in one direction with a record cleaning brush. The carbon fiber bristles will be able to sweep up any excess dirt, skin, or hair particles that could squeeze between the grooves.
    • Cleaning solution – Apply a few drops of cleaning solution and use a microfiber cloth to gently clean away any oils and dirt from the record.
    • Stylus tip brush – Brush the needle in a light circular motion to keep it free of any dirt or dust particles that could harm the record.

    Make it All About You

    At the end of the day, the record player you choose is going to be a source of self-expression. All anybody can do is point you toward different possibilities until your gut finally screams with glee. Until that happens, ensure that you find the right player by making the decision all about you. 

    What do you like? What do you not like? Don’t settle until you find the perfect turntable that suits your personality. It will show up eventually. Trust the music; trust the record player.