What Record Player is Best for You?

What Record Player is Best for You?

If you are digging into this topic, you probably know that there is a little more to record players than meets the eye. Playing music on a record player is an experience unto itself and is dissimilar from playing a CD or a song from your computer’s music library. Record players take a certain amount of skill, maintenance, and effort to use. 

That being said, you should not be discouraged by possible upkeep. Lucky for you, record players have never been so powerful, easy to use and affordable. This is especially true of established record player companies like Victrola. With over a hundred years of history under its belt, the Victrola brand is a surefire purchase. When all is said and done, it is almost impossible to make a wrong choice with Victrola record players. It all comes down to style preference. Here are some pointers to help you hone in on your dream device. 

Record Player vs. Turntable

The first thing you should know is that you will want to buy a record player, not a turntable. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct animals. The difference goes beyond semantics. While essential to the functioning of the device, a turntable is only a part of the record player. Without it, a record cannot be played. But the reverse is also true: a turntable on its own will not yield audio replay. 

What is a Turntable?

A turntable is the revolving platter on which you place the record. For it to play music, you would need to hook it up to additional equipment, namely: 

  • An amplifier
  • Speakers
  • Connectors, typically RCA cables 

What is a Record Player?

A record player, on the other hand, is a full-fledged unit that combines all the audio equipment you need in one machine. Unless you already own the extra parts required to make a turntable read music, you are better off purchasing a record player. The separate elements can get expensive and complicated. 

In truth, what you purchase depends on what you are looking to get out of your machine. An audio engineer would probably prefer to get down and dirty with the assembly of parts. But a novice would do well to start out with an automatic record player before diving into the mechanics of vinyl records. 

When you bring home an automatic record player, all you have to do is plug it in. The one thing you will need to eventually address is replacing the needle. But this is unavoidable with any record player. Also called “stylus,” it is located at the tip of the metallic tonearm. If you have any pressing questions about it, feel free to contact the technical experts via the Victrola website. The timely assistance is another perk about buying from an established company like Victrola. 

Victrola Record Players

When you choose to purchase from a renown vinyl record player manufacturer, the only two things you need to concern yourself with are aesthetics and budget. How much space can you reserve for your machine? Do you want a portable model? What design do you prefer? What features would you like your machine to include? 

Vintage Style

If you like the look of a vintage vinyl record player, look for the Victrola 5-in-1 Vinyl Record Player. It is an authentic sound reproduction of a Victrola record player from the 1920s. But rest assured, the machine combines all the newest features in stereo high-end audio equipment technology, such as: 

  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • CD player
  • Radio
  • Record storage
  • Aux-in jack 

Not only can you play your CDs, but the automatic turntable also allows you to play every record on the market. You can program your device to any of the three speeds:   

  • 33 1/3RPM
  • 45RPM
  • 78RPM 

Classy and Convenient

If you are tight on space, the Victrola Wood Wall Mount condenses all the 5-in-1 features into a smaller, vertical contraption. Bonus: you get the same value for a fraction of the price.   

Retro Cool

At $89.99, the Victrola Retro Record Player is available at the same price as the Wood Wall Mount Record Player. The distinctly retro style record player will delight fans of the 1950s.    

Perfectly Portable  

If you are looking for a portable device, check out Victrola’s iconic suitcase portable record player models. For under $50, you get the Victrola sound quality in miniature. 

Modern Chic

Victrola also offers sleek, modern machines. Boasting 50-watt speakers, the Victrola Modern Design Record Player is powerful yet elegant.    

The Best Record Player

With so many models to choose from, Victrola has your back. Tested by time and fans, the engineering cannot be bested. You really can’t go wrong. With flawless sound equipment, every Victrola record player is a good purchase to play your vinyl collection. You do not have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Buy the one that catches your eye. The record player that is best for you is only a click away!

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