Just in time for the quickly approaching beginning of festival season, ILLENIUM released his fifth album, the first time releasing one self-titled. Often, a self-titled album is something artists typically put out for their debut. This latest album feels like an artistic reintroduction while maintaining the core heart and soul of his creative expression fans feel at home hearing.

Through his entire discography, falling low and rising high is an integral theme. His first three albums, Ashes, Awake and Ascend, make up a beautiful trilogy capturing gut-wrenching lessons and soul-soaring growth. His fourth album, Fallen Embers ties the journey of self-discovery together, closing a chapter.

The evolution of the phoenix always continues, however. ILLENIUM’s fifth and first self-titled album is a reclaiming of artist evolution, a reintroduction to a signature sound, and a reinforcement of the importance of creative expansion.

ILLENIUM opens with a gorgeous, inviting, warm beginning to the first track, “Starfall” instantly bringing a feeling of familiarity, a comforting reminder that no matter where his music goes, his core sound is still there. By the first drop, however, we’re introduced to some light drum and bass, a genre we’re only hearing on an album for the first time. If you’ve been to a show in the last few years, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

This album offers a nostalgic undertone throughout its entirety. “Worst Day” features the artist MAX whose vocals were also featured in “Beautiful Creatures” on Awake. Magic-making production is always guaranteed when ILLENIUM and long-time friend and collaborator Said The Sky team up, which is exactly what was given on track “Other Side.” If you’re a millennial, you might be stoked to find Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker, and All Time Low are all features and contributors to this genre-bending album. Specific inspiration for songs becomes obvious once you get to the two tracks that incorporate interpolation: “Drwn” which reflects “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon and “I Want You 2 (Stay)” which reflects “Stay” by Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko).

Via his Instagram, ILLENIUM shared “Lifeline” featuring jxdn was the first song made for the album and set the tone. It’s clear the alternative influence is the direction ILLENIUM is currently feeling most comfortable moving his music into. His signature melodic style he is wildly famous and recognized for is still charmingly prevalent in “From The Ashes” featuring Skylar Grey. With lyrics that pay homage to his debut album Ashes as well as the overarching theme his music as a whole represents “I’m not afraid of a little fire, so light your matches, and I will rise from the ashes” has an effortless way of giving a full circle feeling.

This is an album that encompasses a wide range of emotions and feelings. It’s heartbreaking, uplifting, pain-evoking, empowering, intoxicating and unbelievably honest. A genre-crossing record you’ll want to keep on repeat as you blast in the car, anywhere on the go, at home alone, and anywhere in between. Vinyl lovers fear not, as it’s even available as a vinyl record. In the words of ILLENIUM himself, “My new album’s out! Go get emo, go listen to it, go get feels-y, go smash some things.”

Illenium Full Track List

  1. Starfall
  2. All That Really Matters (feat. Teddy Swims)
  3. Worst Day (feat. MAX)
  4. From The Ashes (feat. Skylar Grey
  5. Lifeline (feat. Jxdn)
  6. Eyes Wide Shut (feat. Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker)
  7. Shivering (feat. Spiritbox)
  8. You Were Right (feat. Wooli and Grabbitz)
  9. Insanity (feat. American Teeth)
  10. Drwn
  11. Other Side (feat. Said The Sky and Vera Blue)
  12. I Want You 2 (Stay)
  13. With All My Heart (feat. JVKE)
  14. Back To You (feat. All Time Low)
  15. Nothing Ever After (feat. Motionless In White)
  16. Luv Me A Little (feat. Nina Nesbitt)