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How to Amp Up Your Outdoor Patio

How to Amp Up Your Outdoor Patio

An outdoor patio is a great place to kick back and relax with a good book in tow or good friends to keep you company. And considering you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, it should reflect your personal tastes and style. 

If your outdoor patio is feeling a bit lackluster, it may be time to amp it up. Good thing this article is here! Check out these cool patio ideas, from potted plants to wireless outdoor speakers, that will take your outdoor living space from blah to heck yah!

Idea #1 – Start With the Basics

The first step to any patio makeover starts with putting on some working gloves and whipping out that cleaning spray. A few key changes here will have your patio floor feeling like a breath of fresh air:

  • Remove weeds in patio cracks
  • Power wash the floor
  • Clean furniture and replace fabric coverings
  • Water your plants
  • Repaint your fence, floors, doors, and railings
  • Replace your door mats

Once you’ve gone through these basics, your precious living space will be ready for the real makeover. This is where the fun part begins: outdoor patio design! 

Pro Tip: Keep cleaning supplies nearby for quick and easy maintenance. That way, your patio will feel like an extension of your home, all year long.

Idea #2 – Liven it Up! 

Every patio needs a bit of ambiance. Whether it’s with some funky jams blasting from your wireless outdoor speakers or the relaxing string lights to brighten up your evening, here are some decorating ideas to add more life to your patio.

Play That Funky Music

The best way to make your patio your own is to fill it with the music that makes you smile. That’s why for your patio reconstruction, speakers are an absolute must-have. Whether you are needing some lo-fi beats for your siesta snooze, or blasting some Beyonce for your late night pool party, the best weatherproof speaker will take any occasion to the next level. 

Regardless of the event, you’ll want to ensure you’re investing in some high-quality, weather-proof speakers. And definitely, make sure the speakers are enabled with Bluetooth! Doing so will allow anybody to hop in and out of the DJ seat.

Blast Rock From a Rock

If you are into discreetly placed speakers with out-of-this-world quality, look no further than a disguised outdoor rock speaker. Coming in as waterproof, wireless, rechargeable, and with a sound quality that will make you want to stay outside for ever, you can’t go wrong with the rock speakers. 

Plus, they blend right in with your nature decor. You don’t even have to worry about wires and buttons ruining your garden scene. Some of these can even be recharged using solar power!

Hang it From the Ceiling

If you are feeling fun and flirty with your decor, why not try hanging your speakers too? For a surround-sound feel, you can hang these fun flamingo speakers for a Miami beach feel, or you can go for a boho-chic vibe with these cool rattan globe string light speakers.

Embrace Nature

What’s more relaxing than nature itself? Answer: Your outdoor patio after you’ve given it the Mother Nature Makeover. 

If you want to embrace the outdoors when you’re outdoors, fill your soundwaves with nature-inspired items like:

  • Bird feeders Attract nature’s finest singers and enjoy some calming chirps
  • Garden water sculptures Give the outdoor area a relaxing ambiance and a modern look
  • Fountain Fill your patio with the serene sounds of trickling water
  • Windchimes Hang some of these for a sweet serenade whenever a breeze kicks in

Idea #3 – Look Up!

When we decorate a space, we sometimes forget about the valuable real-estate above our heads. The best way to capitalize on your fences and ceilings is by hanging beautiful accessories from them. Here are some decorating ideas:

Have Fun with Shade

For extra shade with an air of sophistication, drape long fabrics from the ceiling. It’ll make your patio feel like a private beach getaway. (Remember to pick out fabrics that can withstand the outdoors!) 

Another idea is to invest in a large market umbrella to transform your patio into a garden paradise. For an extra bit of fun, DIY some hanging tassels or macrame details to the perimeter of your umbrella, for a fresh bit of shade that is uniquely yours.

String Lights Galore

String lights are always a good idea for an outdoor area. If the options above didn’t convince you, check out these white string lights for a simple, yet refined addition to your space (Psst! They’re also speakers). String paper lanterns give your patio an ethereal flair. If you also want the added bonus of playing music from them, check out these colorful options

Idea #4 – Plant It!

There’s no better way to add a fresh feel to your patio than by adding some plants to it. Here are some tips on how to up your garden game:

  • Hanging Potted Plants – This is by far one of the easiest ways to add some green and glam to your outdoor space. Trailing Jade plants require minimal watering and sport a gorgeous mane of green leaves, while Supertunia Petunias will give your yard a rich color and possibly attract hummingbirds to the party.

  • Cacti and Succulents – If you live in a dry climate or just don’t have the time or patience to water plants, succulents are a great way to liven up a space with very little maintenance. Stonecrop sedums and sempervivums are great options for amateur succulent moms and pops. 

  • Vegetable Garden – What’s better than a patio that also gives you food? Vegetable and fruit gardens are wonderful patio additions that not only add some color, but also give you something to do with your kids, friends, or significant other. Some of the best plants to grow from seeds are carrots, cucumbers, beets, and lettuce. If you have extra space, plant some pumpkins for a splash of color and automatic decorations for the fall!

  • Hanging Hydroponics – Embrace a new wave of sustainable gardening by hanging a cool hydroponic vertical garden in your backyard. You can either buy one of the many options out there, or DIY it with recycled bottles or PVC pipes. Hydroponic gardens are a beautiful way to turn your patio into your own private farmer’s market!

  • Idea #5 – DIY It!

    With just a few supplies and an extra hour or two, you can turn any drab patio into a fab patio. Better yet, grab some friends to help and turn the whole thing into a fun get-together. Here are a few DIY ideas to get you inspired for your own project:

    • Throw Pillows – Want to give your backyard an extra splash of bright colors? Spruce up your outdoor furniture by grabbing some old throw pillows or a rug you love for an instant patio facelift.
    • Fun with Cinder Blocks – Cinder blocks are excellent for any outdoor DIY project. You can stack them into two “L” shapes then slide wooden planks into their openings for a cool bench, or fill them with dirt and make them into stylish vertical planters. The possibilities are endless, here. Feel free to paint the cinder block for an even more unique revamp.
    • Mason Jars… Just Mason Jars – The world changed when crafty Pinterest moms got their hands on Mason Jars. You can fill them with rocks and shells for cool beachy containers, or plant small flora in them for a charming mini-garden. No matter what, the moral is: mason jars are everything. With mason jars, every day is a rustic-Instagram day. 
    • Paint Changes Everything Instead of hiring an expensive muralist, why not give it a go yourself? Tape off a rectangle into your wall or fence and paint a one-of-a-kind mural. Whether you are free-styling or following a Bob Ross tutorial, this is a great way to have fun and beautify your patio floor. If you’re afraid of the commitment, why don’t you start small by painting your wooden chairs and flower pots bright colors that will surely liven up the space, whether it's the outdoor dining area or living room.

    Enjoy It!

    With so many patio decorating ideas, you must be itching to go out there and give your outdoor space the revamp it needs. Whether you are bringing out the paint cans for your patio furniture or planting some hanging flowers in your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to play some music while you do it. With the right outdoor speaker for party planning and some good company, you can make any venue, including your outdoor patio, a party space!


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