Why You Need an Outdoor Speaker for Your Next Party

Why You Need an Outdoor Speaker for Your Next Party

To throw a great party, you need three things: the perfect venue, a bumping sound system, and most importantly, chips and dip—chips and dip count as one thing, obviously. Picking the right outdoor venue can be as simple as looking behind your house. As for choosing the right chips and dip? Well, that’s for another article, another time.

All that leaves to discuss is the bumping sound system. 

Below you’ll find out what it takes to pick out the ideal outdoor sound system, and why you absolutely need to invest in wireless outdoor speakers or a jukebox with built-in bluetooth for your next party.

Indoor vs Outdoor Speakers | Why An Outdoor Speaker is a Must

You might be wondering if there’s a difference between indoor and outdoor speakers—isn’t a speaker, just a speaker? They’re the same if you consider a bluetooth speaker to be an object that can produce the sweet riffs of Zeppelin’s Untitled IV. They’re two sides of the same coin if you think a speaker is an object that vibrates air molecules to make people molecules dance.

They’re two different species of equipment if you’re considering them for your next outdoor shindig.

Sound Quality | Design | Durability – What Makes a Speaker... an Outdoor Speaker?

If outdoor and indoor speakers are two different beasts to consider, it begs the question: What makes a speaker, an outdoor speaker? For that, you need to break down each specification:

  • Sound Quality – To understand a speaker’s sound quality, you need to know its purpose. Is it meant to electrocute a Metal Enthusiast’s bedroom with the energy of a thousand electric guitars? Or is it meant to be taken on camping trips, for a group of three to enjoy the sweet melody of Kacey Musgraves beneath the stars? Each is made with the room’s acoustics, or lack thereof, in mind.

Thus, going back to the original proposition:

    • Indoor speakers are typically geared toward smaller, enclosed spaces. Because the room will reverberate part of the sound, the volume doesn’t need to be as extreme, so audio furniture like a Speaker End Table (built in table speaker) may be all you need. Plus, for the full music set up, an external subwoofer will generally be needed with indoor speakers to experience the full range.
    • Outdoor speakers are made to fill large, voluminous areas. They’re made to project music far into the distance and to cut through weather. While they may not be as crisp as an indoor speaker at lower volumes, they will definitely be heard at its loudest. Additionally, outdoor speakers will typically come with a subwoofer built into the speaker’s enclosure.

  • Design – The look, or aesthetic, of indoor and outdoor speakers are completely independent of each other. While you may not consider your speaker’s design to be a major deciding factor, it ultimately will be. Design and functionality are often inseparable. For example:
    • Indoor speakers are often sleek and slender, often far wider than they are tall or taller than they are wide. They’re typically not water resistant or particularly sturdy (which ties into durability, below). And they’re generally lighter.
    • Outdoor speakers, on the other hand, are often rectangular and dense. They look like they can take a beating, because, frankly, they can (from the weather, accidental spills, or being tipped over). Some outdoor speakers can even blend into the environment, like this rock speaker.
  • Durability – There are two types of durability, internal and external. While both indoor and outdoor speakers seek to maximize their internal durability, only outdoor speakers consider a thick outer protective shell. 
    • Indoor speakers are hard to wear down or blow out because the volume needed to do this usually exceeds what people play indoors.
    • Outdoor speakers often get cranked up because the music is fighting against everything from wind to chatter. This makes them more susceptible to being blown out and worn down faster. 

Through these, you’re probably able to decode the reason why an outdoor speaker is a must for your next outdoor gathering. If weather conditions are unfavorable or if a drink accidentally spills on it, thanks to your speaker choice, the party won’t come to a complete halt.

So an outdoor-specific speaker is required. This doesn’t answer how to choose the right outdoor speaker, nor does it answer what qualities to look for in your outdoor speaker. Both are important to consider.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Speaker For Your Next Party

Do you plan on throwing the annual block party that the whole neighborhood knows about? Or are you hosting a couple’s night for a handful of close friends? Depending on what style of party you’re aiming for, this will determine the right outdoor speaker for you.

To get started, you’ll need to ask yourself some basic questions:

  • What is the size of the venue? Obviously, if you’re working with a massive 1,200-square-foot community venue, you’ll need more than a single portable speaker to reach all corners of the venue. Additionally, if you have an oddly shaped venue, you might need to purchase multiple speakers that can simultaneously connect to one source. (If you’re planning on creating a dance floor with multiple surrounding speakers within the venue, your best bet is to place your speakers no more than 10 feet apart. For larger spaces, add a speaker to each “zone” of sound, between 5-10 feet apart.)

  • How many people are coming to the party? If you’re expecting many guests, you’ll want a high-powered speaker that can cut through the chatter. For these occasions, a speaker with a big subwoofer is a must so that the bass can still be heard in the farthest corners. For smaller events, an intense woofer is less necessary. To improve the bass sound using lighter speakers, point them against walls so the surround sound reverberates more. For these occasions, smaller speakers—like these incredible LED duck speakers that can float in your pool—will do.

  • What kind of music are you playing? Different outdoor speakers have unique strengths. So, for example, for a bass-heavy music style like hip hop, you’ll want bigger speakers that can deliver that robust low end. For more delicate music, like classical, consider speakers with a crisper treble and fuller midrange. For a versatile party, high-quality speakers can handle both the booming bass and the screeching guitars of rock, all while maintaining clear vocals. For this result, you’ll want to look for a wireless speaker with a good mid, woofer, and tweeter.

  • Do you want the wireless bluetooth speaker to blend into the space? If you want your sound system to be ever-present and innocuous, perhaps you should be investing in speakers that blend into their environment. For example, these rock-shaped speakers are the perfect mix of high-quality audio and decor.

  • Additionally, you can make your speakers dual-purposed and still blend into the surroundings by getting audio-visual string light speakers. These help create ambiance in an intimate, colorful way.

    Answering these questions to the best of your ability is going to start narrowing down your search of speakers. Once you’re in the buy-buy-buy phase, you’ll want to know the exact features of the perfect speaker.

    Features of Your Next Outdoor Speaker

    As mentioned above, outdoor speakers serve a different purpose than indoor speakers. Outdoor speakers might need to be disconnected from the power, or they may rest close enough to an outdoor pool and need to be waterproof. Whatever it is, here are some of the most important features to consider:

    • Bluetooth – Dealing with aux cords is so 2000-and-late. With modern technology, you can now receive equal bluetooth connectivity and sound quality that was once only achieved through direct port-to-port connection. Something to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is its reach. Modern Bluetooth speakers will be able to reach anywhere from 30 to 100 feet. This is ideal for outdoor gatherings where the current DJ (the one with the connected device in their pocket) is wandering about the party.

    • Seamless Connectability – In cases where you need multiple speakers to fill the venue and achieve that lovely surround-sound experience, you’ll want to ensure that your speakers come with easy bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can have one source that is projecting through two, three, heck, twelve speakers all at once.

    • Power vs Battery Life Depending on your chosen wireless speaker system, you’ll want to consider how you’re powering your sound. Most Bluetooth speakers run on battery power, which will need to be replenished depending on its usage. Luckily, most wireless speakers come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Some even come with built-in solar panels for constant charging under the sun, giving them incredible battery life.

    As a final thought, you’ll also want your portable speaker to have adequate volume for your outdoor party. Luckily, most outdoor speakers outcompete their indoor speaker siblings already. In fact, it is more important that you avoid getting a wireless speaker that is too loud for your space. Not every patio needs a speaker the size of a tank (although some do).

    Think Victrola For Your Next Outdoor Gathering

    Whether your nephew’s birthday is coming up next week and you’ve been tasked with hosting the surprise party, or you’re an up-and-coming musician who’s putting on events to gain some name recognition, you need the best weatherproof speaker to make your next party shine. For that, there’s Victrola and its line of high-quality outdoor speakers to bring you some cool patio ideas.