Eisenberg Wendy: Auto


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Eisenberg Wendy: Auto

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Eisenberg Wendy: Auto
Artist: Wendy Eisenberg
Title: Auto

1. Product Details

Drawing the connections between Wendy Eisenbergs releases feels like undertaking a wide-ranging investigation. Albums of wildly inventive guitar tempo-shifting avant rock and curiously leftfield pop fit together as offerings of Eisenbergs curious mind. On Auto their most innovative and inner-reaching album yet Eisenberg explores emotional subjective truth and how it interacts with an objectivity no person alone can grasp. Inspired by the solo work of Mark Hollis Talk Talk and David Sylvians Blemish with playing skills that have already seen them climbing Best Guitarist lists and an unvarnished vocal immediacy Wendy Eisenberg has created an album of subtle display that resonates with maximal impact. Auto has multiple meanings. First automobile: A lot of these songs were written about and mentally take place when Im in the car on my way to gigs says Eisenberg. Immediate melodies came to them on these trips to which theyd later add complex guitar parts. And automata: I make myself into a machine which is why everything thats played is precise. Finally they frame their work in the literary technique of auto-fiction the semi-fictionalized presentation of the self in a narrative form of growth as Eisenberg sees it. The album served as a means toward working through emotional conflicts from adolescent trauma and PTSD and dissects the dissolution and conflict that led towards the breakup of their former band. With much of it written while its events played out Auto faces the grief of losing what one thinks is their future while experiencing a dramatic reshaping of their past it delves openly into the limited nature of one persons narrative.After making a few efforts to record Auto Eisenberg ultimately chose to collaborate with childhood friend Nick Zanca who contributes electronic elements and production. Mirroring the personal and organic offered by Eisenberg synthetic sounds form a kind of boundary or context for everything. They sound like commentary on songs that were written from an organic or subjective perspective says Eisenberg. Their place on the album is integral for Eisenbergs goal to outweigh the subjectivity of normal singer-songwriter guitar songs with the objectivity of electronic sound.

1.1 I Dont Want to
1.2 Centreville
1.3 No Such Lack
1.4 Far Be It
1.5 Aob
1.6 Urge
1.7 Futures
1.8 Happier
1.9 The Star
1.10 Genre Fiction
1.11 The Moon
1.12 Slow Down
1.13 Hurt People

H 0.16
W 12.03
L 12.35

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