Bird Song Project: For The Birds: The Birdsong Project


Release Date: 12-09-2022

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Bird Song Project: For The Birds: The Birdsong Project

1. Product Details

For The Birds: The Birdsong Project" will be a 20 LP box set. It will be an art-filled, 20LP box set including over 200 tracks of original music and bird-related poetry. Proceeds from the sale of this collection and supporting events will be dedicated to the protection of birds and the habitats they need, today, tomorrow, and for all our futures. Specifically it will go to the National Audubon Society.

The Birdsong Project is a community dedicated to the protection of bird life, and to the celebration of the joy and mysteries of birdsong. We believe that birds - no matter feather or flock - are precious and inspiring and fundamental to our world. That a world without birds would be a world without freedom and flight and song. We believe birds are endangered and need our help.


  1. Wood Dove - Performed by Nick Cave ; Warren Ellis
  2. Archangel - Performed by Beck
  3. Seeds - Performed by Alaska Reid and A. G. Cook
  4. The Morning - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Danielle Haim
  5. Fly On - Performed by Karen Elson
  6. Fly Away (With the Songs) - Performed by Michael Rother ; Vittoria Maccabruni
  7. On the Wing - Performed by Jim James
  8. Honey in the Wild - Performed by Josh Kaufman feat. Annie Nero
  9. Unbroken Wing - Performed by Mike Campbell
  10. Migration of Birds - Written by Gary Snyder. Read by Wally Wolodarsky
  11. May 18th 1929 Lost - Performed by Alex Somers
  12. Bird Calling - Performed by Mark Ronson feat. Damon Albarn ; Wale
  13. One for Sorrow - Performed by UNKLE
  14. Once Let Free - Performed by Emily Cross
  15. Kyoto: March - Written by Gary Snyder. Read by Jelani Cobb
  16. Sanctuary - Performed by Beach House
  17. Welcome Morning - Written by Anne Sexton. Read by Natalie Bergman
  18. Mine Is Not Your Beauty - Performed by Uwade
  19. Birds for Phil - Performed by Spring Summer
  20. Una Melodía - Performed by El Búho feat. Emilie Basez
  21. Bone’s Lament - Performed by Darius Christian ; Reginald Chapman
  22. Nouns of Assemblage - Performed by Blake Mills
  23. Elsewhere Bird - Performed by Richard Reed Parry
  24. The Garden - Written by Mark Strand. Read by Tennessee Thomas
  25. Counting Birds - Written by Jim Harrison. Read by Sean Penn
  26. Kachofugetsu - Performed by Kaoru Watanabe
  27. St. Francis and the Birds - Performed by Terry Riley
  28. Birdsong - Performed by Tawiah
  29. Crow Dialectic - Performed by Elliot Bergman
  30. A Grandchild's Song for Robins in Year Two of Pandemic - Performed by Ray Young Bear
  31. When the Birds Were Banished from the Palace - Written by Saoirse Stice. Read by Jack Kornfield
  32. Birds Return - Performed by Hatis Noit
  33. Salt Point - Performed by Tyondai Braxton
  34. Forty Songs - Performed by Lee Ranaldo. Lyrics by Michael McClure
  35. Wounded Bird - Performed by Kurt Vile
  36. Cuckoo Song - Performed by Jarvis Cocker
  37. Cuckoo Bird - Performed by Haden Triplets
  38. Hummingbird - Written by Raymond Carver. Read by Donald Ray Pollock
  39. Hum Hum Hum - Performed by Karen O
  40. Whistling in the Dark - Performed by Molly Lewis
  41. Sparrow - Written by Norman MacCaig. Read by Tilda Swinton
  42. Oreals - Performed by Rudresh Mahanthappa
  43. Fly Catcher - Performed by James McAlister
  44. State Bird - Written by Ada Limón. Read by Mickey Sumner
  45. The Calling - Performed by Nick Rhodes ; Wendy Bevan
  46. Bluebirds (2021 Acoustic Version) - Performed by Adam Green
  47. Why Does the Girl Bird Sing - Performed by Suzzy Roche
  48. Birdsong for Randy - Performed by Dan Deacon
  49. When the Sun Explodes - Performed by Very Nice Person
  50. Weird Bird - Written by Shel Silverstein. Read by Bobby Cannavale
  51. And Your Bird Can Sing / The Birds Will Be Singing - Performed by Elvis Costello
  52. Lucifer Hummingbird - Performed by The Flaming Lips
  53. Who (Don't Look Back) - Performed by Andrew Wyatt
  54. California Towhee - Written and read by Jonathan Franzen
  55. Open Window - Performed by Michael Uzowuru
  56. tori no uta - Performed by Aska Matsumiya
  57. Two Arms - Performed by Le Ren
  58. Sparrow Sparrow What Did You Say? - Written by Ada Limón. Read by Molly Rosen
  59. Your Birthday at the Huntington - Performed by Mary Lattimore
  60. Are We - Written and read by Jorie Graham
  61. The Hawk ; the Crow - Performed by Olivia Chaney
  62. Bell Minor - Performed by Jeff Tweedy
  63. Broom - Written by Jim Harrison. Read by Matthew McConaughey
  64. Godswits - Performed by Mark Mulcahy
  65. Red Tailed Hawk - Performed by Inara George and Van Dyke Parks
  66. Great Blue Heron - Performed by Calexico
  67. Trying To Get Out - Performed by Siddhartha Khosla
  68. Hope Is a Feather - Performed by Ganavya
  69. Birdsong - Performed by Ramesh ; Jason Chronis
  70. Black Cherries - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Alice Waters
  71. Stations Parallel - Performed by Sam Prekop
  72. Kwitaro Backbone - Performed by Shearwater
  73. Wild Geese - Written by Mary Oliver. Read by Florence Welch
  74. Overview - Performed by CUP (Yuka C. Honda ; Nels Cline)
  75. The Gospel of Oke - Performed by Ebe Oke
  76. One Eye Open - Performed by Douglas Dare feat. EERA
  77. Theme for Flight - Performed by Cecile Believe
  78. Hyper Happy - Performed by Eleanor Friedberger
  79. Good Bones - Written by Maggie Smith. Read by Natasha Lyonne
  80. V Formation - Performed by Buzzy Lee
  81. The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write - Written by Gregory Orr. Read by Ann Beattie
  82. TINSELTOWN - Performed by Girlpool
  83. If I Were a Kookaburra - Performed by Stephin Merritt
  84. Ostrich Walk - Performed by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks
  85. The Hidden Singer - Written by Wendell Berry. Read by Bob Balaban
  86. Birds and Piano - Performed by Michael Penn
  87. A Dark Thing inside the Day - Written by Linda Gregg. Read by Robert Pattinson
  88. Tomorrow - Performed by Hania Rani
  89. In the Gale - Performed by Yo-Yo Ma. Composed by Anna Clyne
  90. Winter’s Blessing - Written by John Kelly. Read by Brady Corbet
  91. The Maddening Hour or Ode to Owl - Performed by Isabella Summers
  92. Evening Chorus (Live in the Bluebell Woods) - Performed by Cosmo Sheldrake
  93. LSD - Written by Alex Dimitrov. Read by Jeff Goldblum
  94. Strong but Fail - Performed by Roddy Bottum
  95. Love High Noon - Performed by Claude Fontaine
  96. Good To See - Performed by Seu Jorge ; Flor
  97. Wefoch (Birds) - Performed by Dexter Story
  98. The Sparrow - Written by William Carlos Williams. Read by Tim Blake Nelson
  99. Turiya (For the Birds remix) - Performed by Alice Coltrane
  100. The Bird - Written and read by David Cale
  101. Of Mere Being - Performed by Thomas Bartlett
  102. Hanover Birds - Performed by Poppy Ackroyd
  103. The Day Is Done - Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Read by Chelsie Diane
  104. Hymn for Four Birds - Performed by Paul Cantelon
  105. Dawn Chorus - Performed by SQÜRL
  106. Sonic Woodland: Dawn Chorus (excerpt) - Performed by Hidden Orchestra feat. Tim Southorn
  107. Wild Swans - Written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Read by Lorrie Moore
  108. Birdies for RP - Performed by Emile Haynie
  109. To the New Year - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Regina King
  110. The Conditional - Written by Ada Limón. Read by Wendell Pierce
  111. Strictly for the Birds - Performed by Hawley ; LOZAC'H
  112. The Little Bird - Performed by Natalie Bergman
  113. Pinions of a Dove - Performed by Rayna Gellert
  114. Little Birdie - Performed by Loudon Wainwright III
  115. Black Cherries - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Greta Gerwig
  116. my dove to sleep - Performed by Vanbur
  117. Carolina Turtledove - Performed by Joachim Cooder
  118. The Sandhill Cranes of Nebraska - Written by Billy Collins. Read by Conor Oberst
  119. Thornbird - Performed by Daniel Lanois
  120. Ka - Performed by Devendra Banhart
  121. Highway Psithurism - Performed by Meg Baird
  122. Far Rockaway - Performed by Stuart Bogie
  123. Looking for Mushrooms at Sunrise - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Antonio Campos
  124. Seven in the Woods - Written by Jim Harrison. Read by Jason Schwartzman
  125. 136 Syllables at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center - Written by Allen Ginsberg. Read by Larry Ratso Sloman
  126. Perth to Melbourne - Performed by Stella Donnelly
  127. Flight to the Sun - Performed by Koa Kalish
  128. Skylark - Performed by Wyldest
  129. They Ask Me - Written and read by Jorie Graham
  130. For Octavia Butler - Performed by Atlas Sound ; L’Rain
  131. Pasadena Parrots - Performed by Adrock
  132. Morning Maggie - Performed by Carla dal Forno
  133. Noah's Raven - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by John Burnham Schwartz
  134. Diamond Dove - Performed by Gyða Valtýsdóttir
  135. Kookaburra Boogie - Performed by Thurston Moore ; Wobbly
  136. Nightbird - Performed by Marcelo Zarvos
  137. In May - Written by Adam Zagajewski. Read by Sandor Katz
  138. For the Birds - Performed by Makaya McCraven
  139. Before the World - Performed by Laurie Anderson
  140. Mr. Sparrow - Performed by John Cale
  141. Dawn Revisited - Written and read by Rita Dove
  142. Altamira Oriole - Performed by Woodkid
  143. Baepholus - Performed by Ben Lukas Boysen
  144. How Many Nights - Written by Galway Kinnell. Read by Michelle Williams
  145. Goldfinch Yodel - Performed by Arthur Jeffes
  146. Birds - Performed by Koreless
  147. Feather - Performed by Masayoshi Fujita
  148. Loon Song - Performed by Eluvium
  149. Secret Life - Written by Li-Young Lee. Read by Nana Mensah
  150. Arada - Performed by Meara O'Reilly
  151. Not-Yet - Written by Jane Hirshfield. Read by Victoria Legrand
  152. Monteverde September 08 - Performed by The Album Leaf
  153. Birdsong Call - Performed by Nick Zinner
  154. Rare Birds - Performed by Andrew Bird
  155. Bobcats Beetles Owls - Written by Jane Hirshfield. Read by Jane Alexander
  156. Diary - Performed by Juliette Commagere
  157. Cuckoo - Performed by Sam Amidon
  158. Sorrow Is Not My Name - Written by Ross Gay. Read by Suzan-Lori Parks
  159. County Route 41 - Performed by Cassandra Jenkins
  160. Birdsong - Performed by Steve Gunn
  161. Bye Bye Birdy - Performed by Mark Mothersbaugh
  162. The Sparrows of Butyrka - Written by Irena Ratushinskaya. Read by George Saunders
  163. Alula - Performed by GEORGIA
  164. Mourning Dove in Buoyancy - Performed by Haley Fohr feat. Rob Frye
  165. The Ayaymama Bird - Performed by Elvis Perkins
  166. Boy With a Headset - Written and read by Edward Hirsch
  167. Wild Birds in an Imagined Canoga Park With Lakes and Trees in Place of Streets and Buildings - Performed by Carlos Niño ; Nate Mercereau feat. Kamasi Washington
  168. Intone - Performed by Midori Hirano
  169. In Wiry Winter - Written by James Schuyler. Read by Graydon Carter
  170. Avi Sinistra - Performed by ROB
  171. Central Park - Performed by Doug Wieselman
  172. Birdy - Performed by Daniel Blumberg ; Billy Steiger
  173. BIRDSLAND - Performed by Arturo O'Farrill
  174. To This May - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Cazzie David
  175. Aure Deh Per Piertà - Performed by Anthony Roth Costanzo
  176. Hope Is a Thing With Feathers - Performed by Angela McCluskey ; The Cantelon Ensemble
  177. Coming - Written by Philip Larkin. Read by Sam Mendes
  178. Many Worlds - Performed by Robert Ames
  179. I Put on My Fur Coat - Written by Jane Wong. Read by Sofia Subercaseaux
  180. Planeaciones - Performed by Angélica Negrón
  181. Wingspan - Performed by Briana Marela
  182. Poems - Written by Ruth Stone. Read by Edwina von Gal
  183. Jacob Riis - Stuart Bogie and Domenica Fossati. Performed by Domenica Fossati
  184. Used Beak - Performed by Craig Wedren
  185. ‘sweet spring is your - Written by E. E. Cummings. Read by John Lithgow
  186. Pettirosso - Daniele Luppi. Performed by Giacomo Bianchi
  187. Voice ; Birds - Performed by Anton Pearson (Squid)
  188. Lies About Sea Creatures - Written by Ada Limón. Read by Olivia Wilde
  189. The Owl of Cranston - Performed by Julian Lage ; Bill Frisell
  190. Tanager Time - Performed by Mac McCaughan
  191. Montezuma Oropendola - Performed by Chris Watson
  192. In the World - Written by Brigid Lowry. Read by Toni Collette
  193. Tweetstorm - Performed by Chilly Gonzales
  194. Abide - Written by Jake Adam York. Read by Jarvis Cocker
  195. Keep Me Warm (Crèche) - Performed by Julia Holter
  196. Migration - Performed by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  197. Kría - Performed by Jana Winderen
  198. The Wild Geese - Written by Wendell Berry. Read by Michael Pollan
  199. For the Robin on My Porch - Written by Andrea Potos. Read by Bette Midler
  200. May Birds - Performed by Nico Muhly
  201. Etude No. 2 (Thomas Bartlett remix) - Composed by Philip Glass. Performed by Maki Namekawa
  202. Beginning - Written by W.S. Merwin. Read by Stephen Park
  203. Passerine - Performed by Balmorhea
  204. Here - Written by Kim Addonizio. Read by Odessa Young
  205. Mourning Dove - Performed by Holland Andrews
  206. One Heart - Written by Li-Young Lee. Read by Christiane Amanpour
  207. Perched - Performed by Anna Clyne feat. Nathalie Joachim
  208. Syrinx - Performed by Daniel Thorne
  209. Toy Boat - Written and read by Ocean Vuong
  210. I was popular in certain circles… - Written and read by Gabrielle Calvocoressi
  211. Strange Signals From Jerry the Wood Pigeon - Performed by Peter Broderick
  212. Birdbrain - Performed by David Van Tieghem
  213. Ode to the Hummingbird - Written by Pablo Neruda. Read by Daryl Hannah
  214. Bells and Birds - Performed by Alexandre Desplat
  215. Skylarks ; Magpies - Performed by Bibio
  216. End-of-Summer Haibun - Written by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. Read by Winslow Bright
  217. Screech for Scratch - Performed by Annie Gosfield
  218. Rørsanger - Performed by David Rothenberg and Benedicte Maurseth
  219. Sandpiper - Written by Elizabeth Bishop. Read by Michael Keaton
  220. Silver Horns - Performed by Sarah Davachi
  221. An Exercise in Love - Written by Diane Di Prima. Read by Riley Keough
  222. Brown Thrasher - Performed by Animal Collective
  223. Chant for the Swinging Swallows - Performed by My Cat Is An Alien
  224. Coast - Written by Alice Jones. Read by Grace Gummer
  225. In Her Secret Garden - Performed by Julianna Barwick
  226. emu808 - Performed by Sam Gendel
  227. Now Is the Time - Performed by Money Mark
  228. Cocoa Morning - Written by Bob Kaufman. Read by Adrien Brody
  229. Calthra - Performed by Tommy Guerrero
  230. Morning Rituals - Performed by Shabaka Hutchings feat. Esperanza Spalding
  231. Redbird Love - Written and read by Joy Harjo
  232. The Ruined Spring - Performed by Zander Schloss
  233. I Love You Earth (Thomas Bartlett remix) - Performed by ANOHNI ; YOKO ONO
  234. Murmuration - Performed by Robert M Thomas x Daisy Chute
  235. St Kevin and the Blackbird - Written by Seamus Heaney. Read by Liam Neeson
  236. Thirow Dio - Performed by Mamadou Kelly
  237. Grus Grus - Performed by Evan Parker ; John Coxon
  238. Star and Crescent - Written by Kenneth Rexroth. Read by Elliot Bergman
  239. Mockingbird Song - Performed by Saunder Jurriaans ; Danny Bensi
  240. Morning Calls - Performed by Carter Burwell
  241. [“Always in the distance”] - Written by Wendell Berry. Read by Randall Poster
  242. [“The cherries turn ripe ripe”] - Written by Wendell Berry. Read by Lili Taylor
  243. Serenade at 2 - Performed by Anne Müller
  244. paired: unpaired - Music by Oliver Coates. Performed by Rosa Arnold and Jeanita Vriens of the Ragazze Quartet
  245. Re: Happiness in Pursuit Thereof - Written by C. D. Wright. Read by Hailey Benton Gates

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