Alex Carole: Carole Cinema


Release Date: 09-06-2019

SKU: 7320470240281

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Alex Carole: Carole Cinema

1. Product Details

This is a journey inward. It's about closing the eyes to the world and taking the deep plunge into the great subconscious by the means of rock n´roll. When reality fades a certain darkness sets in. As the eyes adjust the light slowly comes creeping in through the cracks. The mind is a theatre, the brain a silver screen. Shielded from the pollution outside the self becomes operatic. It examines itself in the mirror before it prepares for the stage... for the whispering skull, the kingdom, the horse and the dagger in the heart. A roaring crowd appears. It's the "me" in all it's shapes and sizes. The whole lot. This is the egos own domain crowded by the debris of the world outside. This is the place where the "I" go to shield itself from the cold outside; away from categories, from the middle ground, from the void of usefulness and towards the purity of the soul.

  1. Welcome Suite
  2. Carole Cinema
  3. Shoplifting Career
  4. Shadowrun
  5. World Celebration
  6. Trial Regulator
  7. The Cinema Show
  8. Great Potion of Love
  9. Good Night
  10. At the Movies

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