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What are the Benefits of a Bluetooth Record Player?

What are the Benefits of a Bluetooth Record Player?

The record player is a classic entertainment and audio system that has gone through waves of popularity since its birth. Technology is often rapidly replaced as it gets updated and remodeled, but the demand for vinyl has sparked over the recent years due to a combination of sound quality and aesthetics.

When someone buys a vinyl record player over the typical modern stereo, it is a conscious decision. You shop around for the turntable that speaks to your taste and proudly set it up with your favorite vinyl on display. Naturally, you would also put an equal amount of love and care into choosing which speaker to go along with it. 

When purchasing your sound system, one option you should consider is a Bluetooth record player with speakers. 

Bluetooth: What is it?

The answer to this question may seem a bit obvious because, well, Bluetooth is everywhere. From our phones to our cars, Bluetooth has snuck its way into many facets of everyday life.  However, it’s a relatively new technology. The first Bluetooth mobile phone and headset came out in 2000. And how it works is still largely unknown by the public, except as a magic technology that rids the necessity for annoying wires. 

According to How Stuff Works, “Bluetooth takes small-area networking to the next level by removing the need for user intervention and keeping transmission power extremely low to save battery power.” This means connecting devices without the need for cords. 

Choosing Your Stereo Turntable

When selecting record player speakers, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • Make sure that the turntable and speakers both have Bluetooth connectivity. Most newer models have it; look for the label if you’re unsure. Without this, you will still need to use the auxiliary input to connect them.
  • The best Bluetooth record player will marry wireless technology and design with high-quality sound. Make a list of everything that you want out of your vinyl turntable from style to budget, and there is bound to be a model on the market to match. 

It is also critical to think about the components of your ideal entertainment setup and determine which kinds of speakers will take you there.

Different Types of Speakers

There are three different types of speakers to choose from: Mid-level, Tweeter, and Subwoofer. 

  • Mid-range speakers fulfill your basic sound needs and serve as a good base to build on. 
  • Tweeter speakers are designed to pick up high audio frequencies (hi-fi sound).
  • Subwoofers pick up low audio frequencies, or bass, producing a subtle vibration. 

Each type of speaker is available on the market with Bluetooth capabilities. To play multiple speakers at once, some units require an app on your phone to pair them together. Others will connect automatically once you’ve made the Bluetooth enabled on your speakers and devices.  

Speaker Style

Once you have decided which type of speaker(s) you’re looking for, you can start narrowing your search for the best record player speakers based on your unique style. Visualize how you want your entertainment space to look and function. Whether you are seeking that vintage speaker look or something out of the ordinary, there is a huge selection of wireless speakers on the market like suitcase style speakers, bookshelf speakers, Bluetooth tower stereos, and so much more. 

Keep in mind certain styles don't always produce the highest sound quality, like suitcase speakers, but offer other unique features like portability and a simple set up. Most of them do however offer Bluetooth capabilities allowing your listening experience to be flexible to your wants and needs. 

Benefits of Bluetooth

There are two widely professed benefits of using Bluetooth in turntables with speakers:

  • Say goodbye to dealing with messy and unsightly wires. Plus, no more trying to untangle everything! Bluetooth makes the whole process of playing your music straightforward. 
  • Another bonus is that Bluetooth speakers don’t take up much power, so your speakers can be battery-operated. Some speakers even run on solar energy. These are portable, letting you move around and rearrange your speaker setup however you please. Alternatively, you can purchase audio furniture for your home which has built in Bluetooth Speakers to the actual furniture piece.

This is without mentioning how easy it is to set up and install your Bluetooth system. 

Easy Setup

The best part about Bluetooth is how simple it is to install. Once you have purchased a record player and speaker system (or bluetooth speaker system) and brought them home, you can start your record player speaker setup.

  • Step 1 – Power source: The first thing you should do is identify the power source for both your turntable and speakers. If you have portable units, they may run on batteries. Otherwise, they may plug into an outlet. The power cable will be the only cord necessary. 
  • Step 2 – Turn on Bluetooth: Once you have sorted the power source, you can now connect your devices via Bluetooth. Take a look at your record player and speakers and find the button that turns on Bluetooth. This button will likely be the Bluetooth logo, but if you don’t see it, check the user manual specific to your unit.  This button will put your devices onto the Bluetooth network.
  • Step 3 – Connect Devices: Once Bluetooth is turned on and ready to go for both the turntable and speakers, your devices should be connected. Now, all you have to do is play the record on your Bluetooth turntable. If you have any questions, refer to the guide that comes with your new entertainment system to finalize your setup. 

Connecting to Other Devices

Bluetooth speakers can hook up to more than just your record player. You can also use the Bluetooth function on your phone to connect to your speakers. The set up for the speakers is the same, and you can find the Bluetooth option in your phone’s settings. 

Sometimes you want to take the time and pull out your vinyl collection. Other times you might want to get the party started with a quick tap on your phone. Maybe you have that one friend who desperately wants a shot at being DJ. The beauty of wireless is its flexibility. Allow anybody to connect by pairing their Bluetooth device to the speakers. 

Outdoor and Indoor Use

Bluetooth speakers make it easy to enjoy your music from anywhere. Try different speaker positions around your house to maximize the dance floor area. Or jam out to your classic vinyl in the comfort of your backyard! 

  • Keep in mind that Bluetooth speakers and connected devices like the turntable can be up to 30 feet apart. If they are farther than that, the connection can worsen, causing the song to skip. Any farther and the connection will drop. 
  • There is a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers designed for the outdoors. Some have waterproof technology, and some pool speakers can even float. 
  • There are also great options for powering your outdoor devices like batteries and solar power if you don’t have access to an outdoor power outlet.

Surround Sound

One impressive feature that takes full advantage of Bluetooth abilities is wireless speaker pairing. Play your music through multiple speakers simultaneously for a full surround sound experience and feel the rush of a concert from the comfort of your home. 

As mentioned above, some speakers will do this automatically, while others pair through a phone application. Be sure to find a model that is specifically designed to connect with other speakers to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. 

Combining the New with the Old

There is an exciting contrast in honoring the nostalgia of record players while taking full advantage of what modern technology has to offer. As turntables come back into popularity, music listeners get to pick and choose what they want out of their sound system without having to limit themselves to either new or old. 

You have the power to take the experience you love about vinyl and subtract the things you don’t like. Slide the record out of its sleeve, drop the tone arm down and enjoy, while never having to untangle a single wire. 

The Future of Bluetooth

As mentioned earlier, Bluetooth is still a young technology that is rapidly growing. There are a few limitations to the wireless record player and speakers, like the distance they reach and the impact on sound quality. However, these issues are bound to be improved and eliminated as Bluetooth is fine-tuned. Already, we can see Bluetooth transforming the way we interact with wireless technology.

  • According to the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update, “50% of all headphones sold today include Bluetooth.”
  • Projections also claim that “9 out of 10 speakers will include Bluetooth by 2023.” 
  • Also, “1.6 billion Bluetooth audio & entertainment devices will ship annually by 2023.”

Bluetooth once was just an additional feature, but more and more it is becoming required, especially in music and entertainment devices. As Bluetooth technology develops, there’s a good chance that old systems will eventually be phased out. Regardless of how you feel about going wireless, Bluetooth capabilities ensure that you will be able to continue to use your record player for years to come. 


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