Staff Picks: November 2021

Staff Picks: November 2021

At Victrola, we are committed to bringing lifelong music memories into every home. Our employees are passionate about music, and believe music defines our moments, pressing them into our subconscious. The warm, imperfectly perfect needle on a record transports us to those places in our individual and collective history, with a nostalgia more powerful than simple recollection.

We've curated those music memories for you, featuring a few of our employees every month. Stop by and get to know us, and perhaps take our recommendations for a spin. We're certain you'll find some music memories to share with us.

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Thor Ronemus, Commercial Operations

This was my Covid album. Right around the time that the pandemic hit, I discovered Zach Bryan and his recently released debut album “DeAnn”. Recorded in an AirBnb with some friends, beer, and minimal equipment, there is a sense of realness to this album and to Zach Bryan that I have never encountered in music.

This album tells a story of young love, fearlessness, and taking chances. It reminds me of all these things in my own life and I will always have positive memories associated with it. For the full experience, check out the Denver-based Lumineers’ “Ballad of Cleopatra”, a 24-minute video including 5 songs from this album. Cleopatra is peak Lumineers to me.

Lydia Kaminsky, Operations

Taylor Swift: Folklore

After becoming a big Swift fan at the age of 15 (shoutout Fearless album), I fell out of love with her music for a handful of years. However, with the release of Folklore in 2020, I was instantly drawn back into the fold with her trademarked lyrical storytelling and catchy melodies. Her decision to bring in Aaron Dessner (The National) to help produce the album and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) to collab on vocals for “Exile” also made this indie folk fan/nerd fall even more in love with the album.

Gregory Alan Isakov: Evening Machines

This somber and somewhat haunting album has become a staple of mine to help me unwind. Whether I throw it on during an at-home yoga session or while I’m drinking my morning coffee, it has the exact vibes I need to chill the folk out. 

Janice Hall, Operations

The Eagles: Greatest Hits – all time favorites for everyone

Adele: 21- truth music – for the soul

The Marshall Tucker Band – familiar times – Should have never started lovin you……

Tim Trzepacz, Commercial Operations

Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits by Cat Stevens

No artist brings back my early childhood in the 70’s like Cat Stevens. A timeless album that has been carried forward another generation as its now a favorite of my teenage son’s as well.