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Staff Picks: January 2021

Staff Picks: January 2021

At Victrola, we are committed to bringing lifelong music memories into every home. Our employees are passionate about music, and believe music defines our moments, pressing them into our subconscious. The warm, imperfectly perfect needle on a record transports us to those places in our individual and collective history, with a nostalgia more powerful than simple recollection.

We've curated those music memories for you from our online vinyl store, featuring a few of our employees every month. Stop by and get to know us, and perhaps take our recommendations for a spin. We're certain you'll find some music memories to share with us.

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Philippe Renan, Sales

Michael Jackson: Thriller

Probably the first time I kept my walkman on ears all day long, listening this album again and again when I was a teenager.

Toto: Seventh One

The perfect sound, the perfect mix for me between guitars, drums, voice and keyboards. I did not know at that time why this sound was so different, so good. Now so many years later, I know this group had one of the best musicians and sound engineers in the world. Probably my top of all the albums from Toto, maybe because I feel invicible when I listen to it.

Amy John, Finance

When I was in high school and early college, my best friend and I would go driving around listening to these albums. They were calming and emotional and helped us think better in some stressful situations and times.

The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death


Lucas Eberle, Creative

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin 1

Always appreciated Zeppelin. This album has so many, just amazing tracks. It is a must have to experience some of the best of Zeppelin.

Metallica: And Justice For All

I grew up to my brother and mother casually listening to Metallica, and I got hooked. I have been a die-hard fan since. This album is the best of 80s metal!

Zach Vanderberg, Commercial Ops

Frank Zappa: Hot Rats

Frank Zappa was one of my first musical influences, and this is my personal favorite album of his. It’s mostly instrumental, showcases his avant-garde style, and is a staple of early prog rock.

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

My favorite jazz record, and an album that just sounds amazing on vinyl. Unbelievable musicianship, and almost entirely improvised!


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