Staff Picks: April 2021

Staff Picks: April 2021

At Victrola, we are committed to bringing lifelong music memories into every home. Our employees are passionate about music, and believe music defines our moments, pressing them into our subconscious. The warm, imperfectly perfect needle on a record transports us to those places in our individual and collective history, with a nostalgia more powerful than simple recollection.

We've curated those music memories for you, featuring a few of our employees every month. Stop by and get to know us, and perhaps take our recommendations for a spin. We're certain you'll find some music memories to share with us.

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Katie Cassida, Operations

The Chicks: Wide Open Spaces

This was one of my first CDs and as a middle schooler, we used to drive through ‘wide open spaces’ blaring this so loud in my mom’s car – fun summer memories with the windows down.

Ray Lamontagne: Gossip in the Grain

Contains our first dance song at our wedding!

Don Inmon, Creative

Guns N Roses: Appetite for Destruction

A favorite on many lists, but this was an Indiana boy that went to school with the cousins so I paid attention. Sweet Child O' Mine is amazing, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. Brownstone…so many hits and such an original record that defined hairband rock.

Ryan Adams: Prisoner

If you ask me, Ryan Adams is the greatest singer/songwriter of the past 20 years, and he continues to hone his craft. I came late to the game, but caught up quickly as every album made me want to hear more. He writes complete albums and usually strikes a chord that sticks with me. The album Prisoner is perfection, I can’t go without listening to it at least 3-4 times a month.

Gwen Mayers, Commercial Operations

Counting Crows: August and Everything After

This was my “go to” road trip album of 93’ and listened to it on repeat in the car driving to my weekend ski trips.

Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

Love this album with its  Punk/ hip-hop / Classic Rock vibe.  I and was lucky enough to see them perform live with Chris Cornell at Jones Beach Theatre in 2008,

Alfonso Minopoli, Operations

Zac Brown Band: The Foundation

This band was introduced to me and put me into my journey of country music. My fiancée and I attend their concert every year since 2015 when they visit the Tri-State area.

Growing up a few towns over from where Billy Joel resides and meeting him one night was amazing. My parents would play his music in the car all the time.