Our Favorite Gifts for Music Loving Gamers

Our Favorite Gifts for Music Loving Gamers

If you're a gamer, you take your setup seriously. Your keys are mapped, your chair settings are perfect, and your headset is finely tuned for hours of play. And if you're a gamer, I'm sure you've noticed that your favorite games have some pretty awesome music. Beautiful, sweeping scores accompany single-player games like Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed, while Call of Duty and Rainbow Six can make your heart beat out of your chest with anxiety. As the holidays approach, we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite gifts for the music loving gamer in your life.

Victrola Hi-Res Turntable — $399.99–$599.99

A Victrola Hi-Res Carbon or Onyx are the perfect turntables for musical gamers. The Hi-Res turntables allow you to enjoy the rich sound of your vinyl records completely wirelessly through a best-in-class aptX™ Adaptive Bluetooth connection. Best of all, the Hi-Res turntables are easy to use. Just plug in, connect to your favorite Bluetooth speakers or gaming headset, and drop the needle. Just imagine tracks like "Dragonborn" from Skyrim or Halo's "Library" coming through your headphones with the stunning clarity of a true high resolution connection. 

Austere Audio VII Series Power Outlet — $129.99

 If you've got a lot to plug in, Austere makes it easy with the VII Series. The VII series features advanced surge protection, serving as a barrier between everything connected to it and harmful electrical surges. Its noise filtration acts as something of a force field between electromagnetic interference and your gaming session, blocking disturbances and allowing you to listen or play online without a problem. The VII Series' sleek design also makes it a stylish addition to your space.

Victrola Revolution GO Portable Record Player — $199.99

The Revolution GO is the ultimate all-in-one record player, with a modern take on design, functionality, and overall usability. The Revolution GO's integrated Bluetooth speaker enclosure was designed to reduce vibration for a soundbar quality audio experience, while the built-in, rechargeable battery delivers up to 12 hours of playback, whether you're staying in or at a friend's place. The Revolution GO's unique design was inspired by the Japanese suitcase record players of the '70s and '80s, and is available in several fun colors, for whatever your space may need.

Final Fantasy: Modulation — $78.99

It is only in recent years that video games have come to enjoy status as a prestige art form as biases are broken and talent is recognized. Composer Nobuo Uematsu is at least partially responsible for that shift. Uematsu has composed or contributed to the scores of 14 entries in the Final Fantasy series, widely known for boasting some of the best music in gaming. Modulation sees Uematsu sampling and arranging 10 of his most iconic tracks, so you can relive moments like the opening scenes of Final Fantasy VII or the village of Bran Bal in Final Fantasy IX.

Video Game LoFi: Celeste — $37.98

Though AAA games by large studios still largely reign supreme, the digital age has allowed us to experience incredible projects by indie creators. 2018's Celeste, developed by Maddy Thorson, is a particular highlight; a platformer that confronts themes of anxiety and depression, set to a sweeping score by Lena Raine. Nokbient reimagines Raine's score as a meditative, lo-fi experience that gives reverence to the original while giving listeners something new. 

Dragon Age: Selections From the Original Game Soundtrack — $135.98

Beginning with Dragon Age: Origins in 2009, the Dragon Age series has become one of gaming's most beloved franchise. The series mixes an old-school fantasy setting with a complex dialogue system and intricate storytelling. The games have become known for their scores, tremendous, medieval inspired pieces with electronic elements that make them truly stand out. Selections From the Original Game Soundtrack is a massive, 4 LP box set that includes some of the series' most well-known tracks, as well as striking artwork. 

The Essential Games Music Collection — $34.98

Maybe you just want to experience some of your favorite tracks from all of gaming. London Music Works has you covered, performing 25 tracks from all over the video game spectrum. Head down below with the "Underground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. or take the leap of faith with "Ezio's Family." Whatever your preference, this collection has something for you.