Harry Styles Vinyl Albums: Shopping Guide

Harry Styles Vinyl Albums: Shopping Guide

If you’re a true Harry Styles fan, you’ve followed his journey from the early days with One Direction (along with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson) to his emergence as a solo artist. While recently designated an international pop star, Styles has gone to great lengths to prove that he doesn’t abide by the rules—or define himself by any labels.

Plus, as an artist dictated by his mold-breaking modes of expression, Harry Styles has revitalized the rock music genre by weaving his fun, sexy, and frequently vulnerable lyrics with a looser, groovier feel. 

For all of these reasons—and more—you might be itching to ramp up your Harry Styles vinyl collection. But first, let’s walk you through your options. From his debut album to his upcoming hits, we’ll help you decide on the must-have vinyl for your musical tastes. 

Harry Styles: A Closer Look 

You may be familiar with Harry Styles’ music, but you may not be familiar with his whole story. Before you begin shopping, let’s first take a closer look at the man behind the icon: 

  • Harry Styles’ professional music career began when he set foot on the stage of the popular British reality TV show, “The X Factor.” 
  • Accompanied by the other four group members of “One Direction,” Harry dazzled the judges and started his career as a famous boy band artist. 
  • Despite the international fame and admiration, the group eventually took a hiatus in 2015 due to rumored fighting among the group and the abrupt departure of Zayn Malik.
  • Like Zayn, Harry shortly set out to fulfill his individual artistic needs by launching his solo career. 

Since then, Styles has gone on to win several awards—including a 2021 Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. 

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Harry Styles: Vinyls to Shop For 

If you thought Harry’s success story was inspiring, try listening to the music that’s arisen between each page. Let’s break down two vinyl albums that help to tell his story in an even bigger way. 

Harry Styles 

Released in 2017, the debut album, Harry Styles, acts as a testament to the singer’s own musical and artistic abilities. Fans finally indulged in Styles’ individual voice, beautiful lyricism, and playful musicality that may have been harder to tune into amidst the competing voices of a boy-band setting.

After coming of age in the public eye, this debut album is a vulnerable reflection of his own life. With “big city” vibes and rock and roll flair, fans can take a deeper look at what makes his story unique—and Styles is able to tell it in his own words. 

Slip this show-stopping debut album onto your turntable and listen closely to each line. We recommend spending some extra time savoring these top five tracks:  

  • “Woman”This song will surely make you swoon thanks to its driving beat, melodic vocals, and alluring lines.  
  • “Kiwi”Leave it to “Kiwi” for a classic, upbeat song to rock out to in the car while spending a night out on the town—or basking in a wild night in with records, dance parties, and your favorite pajamas. 
  • “Two Ghosts” – This one’s a winner for the lyrics alone. Soak up the stunning imagery and symbolism in this bittersweet song about change and numbness. 
  • “Sweet Creature”In this track, Styles’ lyrics capture the bond between two kindred flames by beautifully pairing the feeling of love with the sound of gentle guitar strings. Sweet, simple, and impossible to get sick of. 
  • “Only Angel” – Don’t let the name and ethereal introduction fool you. Instead, get lost in another rock and roll anthem that may end up making you feel a little devilish

Harry Styles' debut album allowed him to step out of his boy-band persona and pave the way for him to strut past the finish line and straight into Fine Line

Fine Line

Thanks to the success of his debut album, and his increased visibility as an individual artist, Styles' quickly launched into a new era with his 2019 album Fine Line

This album was an unexpected treat from Styles. It drastically contrasted his prior album's New York edginess with a more fruity, beachy feel—making it the perfect record to listen to as you pack for your upcoming weekend trip to the sand and sea. 

In an interview with NPR,2 Styles' recounts some of his most influential artists. Among those who inspired this album, you might find: 

  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Beatles
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Queen

Beyond paying homage to 70s-era rock, Styles also used Fine Line as an opportunity to express his androgeny. His song “She” speaks to his more feminine alter-ego and plays with the nuance of gender performance, a point of fascination for other iconic musicians such as Prince and David Bowie. 

Although this album is renowned by fans as a "no-skip album," here are our top-five songs on the Fine Line vinyl that are particularly worth pointing out: 

  • “Sunflower Vol. 6”  – Starting with a groovy beat, “Sunflower Vol. 6”  is an undeniably cute song that’s dripping with romantic lyrics. Turn your kitchen into a dancefloor and let loose. 
  • “Cherry”Written for an ex-girlfriend (whose voice features at the song's end), “Cherry” masters the art of vulnerable, simple lyricism. It’s the ultimate "I miss you" song. 
  • “Adore You” – Described by Styles as "the poppiest song on the album," “Adore You” invites you to revel in the fun, upbeat nature of a budding romance.3 
  • “To Be So Lonely” – Another breakup song with a groovier undertone, “To Be So Lonely” balances loose style with heavy lyrics, making a statement about the difficulties of coming to terms with the ending of a relationship. 
  • “Fine Line” – A masterful wrap-up of the album as a whole, “Fine Line” employs the use of horns and strings for a dramatic finish to a beautifully composed album. 

Styles put his heart and soul on display in this album—and it shows. With such an impressive stage already set, fans are eager for the lights to turn back on for his new album. 

What’s Next From Harry Styles?

Although Harry Styles has only released two full albums, never fear. More Harry is coming your way—his new album releases this month, and we are over the moon about it. 

Harry’s House

The most exciting peek into the new album, Harry’s House, comes from Styles' new single, “As It Was.” Already going viral on TikTok, this song is believed to retell the tale of his parent's divorce and the effects it has had on Harry's life. 

If Styles follows suit, fans can anticipate an album with yet another distinct style from his two previous releases. With vulnerable lyrics and well-executed subtleties (like those gorgeous wedding bells) embedded within this first single, fans may also expect more insight into the inner workings of Styles' mind. 

Don’t Worry, Darling

As if the new album isn’t exciting enough, Harry Styles will also make his debut as a leading man in Olivia Wilde's new film Don't Worry Darling, playing the romantic opposite of Florence Pugh.4  Fans are eager to see how Styles will embody the life of a controlling 1950s’ husband in what will undoubtedly be a shocking, gritty role. 

Want More Like Harry?

Unfortunately, Harry's solo career hasn't been going on long enough to have an extensive discography. But that only means that the very best is still ahead of us. While you're welcome to listen to his vinyls on repeat, you may also be open to trying out new albums with a style that’s adjacent to Styles himself. 

To that end, we've curated a list of top albums to listen to while you wait for Styles’ next big release. Take a chance—your new favorite artist might be right around the corner: 

  • Rumors by Fleetwood Mac  – If you've seen Harry's collaboration with Stevie Nicks for “Two Ghosts,” you know how beautifully their voices mix. Cited as an icon and role model for Styles, Stevie Nicks headed up the revolutionary 1970s band, Fleetwood Mac. The album Rumors carries such classics as “The Chain,” “Dreams,” and “Songbird,” guaranteed to speak to your soul if you can’t help but enjoy the details of Styles' messy relationships. 
  • Melodrama by Lorde – Another superstar who began at a young age, Lorde’s unique voice and transcendent sounds will have you rolling the car windows down and rethinking your life. If you can’t get enough of Styles’ gut-punching, emotional songs, you’ll love “Liability.”
  • Pony by Rex Orange County Combining playful, romantic lyrics and thematic sound, Rex Orange County reaches inspiring heights with beautiful love songs like "Pluto Projector" and insightful, reflective lyrics as showcased in "It's Not The Same Anymore." This album is uplifting and fun, through and through. 
  • A Night at The Opera by Queen – Enjoy the wild, immersive experience of Queen’s most coveted album. Said to have mastered the art of manipulating musical dynamics, Queen offers a taste for the wild freedom, musical excellence, and showmanship that Styles draws inspiration from.5
  • WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? by Billie EilishUsing a darker approach than Styles, Billie Eilish provides vulnerable and thoughtful insight into fighting against insecurities and the unknown. Enjoy upbeat dance songs with a spookier vibe, such as “Bad Guy” or “Bury a Friend.” You can also get your own copies of Billie Eilish vinyl albums.

Although he has similarities with these artists, Harry Styles definitely is his own artist. And with the way his career is going, it won’t be a surprise if he joins the conversation of “Who has the most Grammys?”

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