5 Records Every Pop Lover Should Own

5 Records Every Pop Lover Should Own

If you’re a lover and collector of all things music, you should definitely start a vinyl collection. Vinyl records are hands-down the best sounding recorded music that will ever tickle your ears. There’s just something about that warm, full, analog sound of a band or artist that can channel joy to the heart of every music fanatic, ever.

Plus, you get to collect a lot of cool artwork and trivia with vinyl records, since the albums are so much larger and have more visual real estate available than say, a CD or a cassette tape.

So, why not start that aforementioned collection by grabbing at least two or three of our best recommendations? Of course, everyone has their own tastes when it comes to a “pop” soundtrack, so don’t feel limited by these recommendations.

Pop is really just shorthand for “popular,” which means pop music over the years has run the gamut when it comes to style and genre. Rock music has at times been “pop” music, rap music has at times been “pop” music, and even jazz music has been considered “pop” on occasion in the music industry.

This means that narrowing down the list of popular music to just 5 albums by some of the most talented musicians is a bit tough, but… challenge accepted. So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on the top 5 vinyl records (we think) every pop lover should own.

#1 Thriller by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has long been considered the King of pop music all across the globe, even well after his death. His fans and listeners across the world continue to listen to his greatest hits. Thriller was the first album that blended together pop music and theater.

Seriously, if you were never to buy another pop record ever, this 1982 record would be the one to end your collection with. The Thriller album is loaded with hit songs like Thriller, Beat It, and the iconic Billie Jean. If you do a search on YouTube, you might even find some of those amazing, theatrical movie videos that were released with it. Don’t forget to snatch up a Michael Jackson vinyl so you can jam and dance to his tunes for the years to come.

#2 Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

With hits like The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, and Dreams, this Fleetwood Mac record is one mega-seller that you will want to own on vinyl. It features some of the best vocal harmonies ever melded together, and did we mention it was a mega-hit during its heyday?

Even now, it’s still a wildly popular album and few records are out there that work to capture faith, love, heartbreak, and addiction, as well as this one does with these particular pop songs. Besides, the lead singer is Stevie Nicks ya’ll. Need we say more?

#3 Like a Virgin by Madonna

If Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, then the world obviously crowned Madonna as the Queen. When this album dropped, the cover art was provocative and the music videos even more so.

This studio record boasts hits like Material Girl and the title song Like a Virgin, both of which reigned supreme when they were released by her record label. Of course, Madonna didn’t stop with just one great album, so if you’re in the market for two copies, make sure you get Like a Prayer.

The title song was a huge hit recording that stirred up quite a bit of controversy over the religious connotations used in the video.

Either of these albums could make the most wanted list and choosing ain’t easy. So we vote you get them both. After all, who could ever have too much Madonna?

#4 Licensed to Ill by Beastie Boys

This rap/alternative/punk rock/pop album was an odd bird that flew higher than anyone could have expected, even record companies. The biggest selling point was probably the story of how a bunch of Jewish white boys took over the scene and made rock and roll/rap their “you know what.”

Did we mention this record collection bleeds nothing but hit vocals from top to bottom? Songs like You Gotta Fight for Your Right (to Party), Brass Monkey, Rhymin’ and Stealin' are arguably some of the best party anthems to get a little crazy too.

And No Sleep Till Brooklyn to this day is one of the greatest songs the Beastie Boys ever released. “White boy pop, rap, and rebellion” at its finest hour.

#5 Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

If you’re looking to hear something a little more recent from the recording studio to round out your pop album collection, this record is the one to get. It’s loaded with feel-good, sugary sounds and vibes and sat on the Billboard 200 charts for over 200 weeks!

Hit songs like Firework, E.T., and California Gurls are some of the winners on this album, plus it’s the second one in history to have five singles sit at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, trailing just behind Micheal Jackson’s hit album titled Bad.

Though she’s faced some heat in recent years with her newer stuff, this album is hand’s down, one of her best. A premier spot on your shelf is well-deserved, if you ask us.