Victrola and Austere Partner to Deliver Superior Home Audio Experience

Victrola and Austere Partner to Deliver Superior Home Audio Experience

What makes a perfect listening session? Ideally, you've got your favorite vinyl record picked out, your record player all set up, and your speakers are tuned and ready to go. The ideal audio experience, however, goes well beyond plugging in your speaker and dropping the needle on your turntable. Each component in the chain is as important as the last, with the right audio cables and power pairings able to take your listening to new heights. Victrola is incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Austere, the leading producer of technologically superior audio cables and surge protectors.

By partnering with Austere, Victrola is reinforcing its commitment to helping you make lifelong music memories in your home. Like Victrola, Austere designs its products to represent the ultimate fusion of quality, functionality, and aesthetic beauty. With those pillars in mind, Victrola and Austere are thrilled to have collaborated on the perfect combination of turntable, audio cable, and power.

Victrola Stream Carbon and Austere VII Series Power

Austere's VII Series was the natural choice to complement the Victrola Stream Carbon Wireless Turntable. The VII Series features advanced surge protection, providing protection for all connected components, as well as noise filtration, meaning you can listen to your records without having to worry about electrical interference. The VII Series' black and silver motif also matches perfectly with the Stream Carbon's for a cohesive look all around. 

The Stream Carbon features an RCA out in addition to Sonos connectivity, allowing you to connect to your favorite speakers. For this, Austere's V Series RCA Cable is perfect for the job, providing unmatched audio clarity and durability that will see it last for years. Combined with the Stream Carbon's carbon fiber tonearm, premium Ortofon cartridge, and top-tier construction, your vinyl experience will never look or sound better. 

Victrola Stream Onyx and Austere III Series Power

With both items featuring a sleek, all-black look, the combination of the Victrola Stream Onyx Wireless Turntable and the Austere III Series oozes style. The III Series also features advanced surge protection, serving as a barrier between everything connected to it and harmful electrical surges. Its noise filtration acts as something of a force field between electromagnetic interference and your listening session, blocking irritating disturbances and allowing you to listen clearly. 

Like its counterpart, the Stream Carbon, the Stream Onyx also features an RCA out to link up to your favorite speakers. The Austere V Series RCA Cable is the choice once again; easy to install, visually striking, and ready to bring unparalleled performance. The Stream Onyx comes equipped with an easy-to-adjust aluminum tonearm and a deluxe Audio Technica cartridge for peerless listening.

About Victrola X Austere

Victrola and Austere are a natural partnership; two companies who care deeply about music, audio, and our customers who expect a high-end listening experience. We have worked together to create product combinations that allow your Victrola record player to show off the full scope of its immersive audio power while looking great in your home. With stylish design and high-quality construction, Victrola and Austere are proud to be part of your audio journey and hope to help you make music memories for years to come.