Zolar-X: X Marks the Spot


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Zolar-X: X Marks the Spot
Artist: Zolar X
Title: X Marks the Spot

1. Product Details

1.1 Oveon Triopp
1.2 Retro Rockets
1.3 Hyper Space Drive
1.4 Im Plugged in
1.5 Saucers on Sunset
1.6 In Orbit Around You
1.7 Astro Tots
1.8 Back in Hollywood
1.9 Message Transmitting
1.10 Plutonian Marmalade
1.11 Speed of Thought
1.12 Moment in Time
1.13 Holiday on Mars
1.14 X Marks the Spot

H 0.10
W 12.38
L 12.49

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