Honing Yuri: Goldbrun


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Honing Yuri: Goldbrun
Artist: Yuri Honing
Title: Goldbrun

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Saxophonist Yuri Honing returns here with a jazz album that breathes peace serenity tension and mysticism. The inspiration comes from Honings love for classical music history and art. The central theme and motive for this album is Europe and heroism. In these times when people do not always realize the value of Europe and 70 years of peace Honing tells a binding story. During his research into the history of Europe he chose Germany as a symbol of Europe because of their many writers philosophers composers and painters and because of its resilience and the leadership role they now take in Europe. Honing was especially inspired by the beauty of Richard Wagners music and that of his disciple Richard Strauss. Both were determined in their music even though they did not conform to the tastes of their time. Goldbrun the title of the album is a non-existent term. For Honing it stands for the way he composed this album. The themes are interwoven into a larger whole which characterizes that each second interval of the main theme is a small second. This way of non-linear composing he learned from the music of John Coltrane. I compose from a core and work from there to the edges... harmonic structures that start in the middle and spread out. Its a spherical thing Goldbrun.

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W 12.42
L 12.42

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