Verckys / Orchestre Veve: Congolese Funk Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969


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Verckys / Orchestre Veve: Congolese Funk Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969
Artist: Verckys / Orchestre Veve
Title: Congolese Funk Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969

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180-gram double LP version. Congos turbulent and exhilarating 70s: Nightclubs and dance floors were packed to the brim in the capital Kinshasa. Exuberant crowds still giddy from independence achieved a decade prior grooved to the sounds of the countrys classics. In fact the whole continent was submerged in the Congolese rumba craze. Encouraged by the fantastic productions of the Ngoma label vibrant radio waves had been spreading the Congos sounds from Leopoldville across the continent making these tunes the countrys top export. This unexpected success nurtured a wealth of talented musicians. One of them was Verckys born Georges Mateta Kiamuangana. At age 18 he became a member of the countrys most dominant and influential band: Franco Luambos OK Jazz. This relationship was short-lived however as Verckys now a versatile and potent multi-instrumentalist had plans of his own: The formation of Orchester V+-v+- in 1968 with the aim of reinventing and modernizing the Congolese sound. Blending the ever-influential prowess of James Brown with Congolese merengue rumba and soukous Verckys stripped away the conventional approach that OK Jazz had pioneered allowing his saxophone-laced melodies to dominate. Verckys also began recording young urban artists with guitar driven cavacha sounds and releasing their work on his label Les Editions Veve Les Freres Soki Bella Bella Orchestre Kiam and others shot to stardom overnight making Verckys quite wealthy. But that wasnt enough for a man with a vision. He built a sprawling entertainment complex called Veve Centre and oversaw the construction of the Congos most modern recording studio in Kinshasa in which he recorded the legendary Tabu Lay Rochereau. Orchestre Veves popularity poured across borders and in 1974 the band travelled to Kenya for a two-month tour. James Brown upon seeing Verckys perform that year was moved to dub him Mister Dynamite. Bassala Hot Cheka Sana and Talali Talala were some of the tracks recorded in Nairobi for the Kenyan market songs which are now available to the ears of the world for the very first time. Analog Africa now has the privilege to present 11 tracks by Verckys et LOrchestre Veve at the height of their most funky capabilities compiled over the course of many years in a land of hardship. We welcome you to the grooviest era of the Congo with a CD and double LP release accompanied by in-depth liner notes and vintage photographs.

1.1 Bassala Hot - Verckys Orchestre VV
1.2 Ya Nini - Verckys Orchestre VV
2.1 Cheka Sana
2.2 Oui Verckys
2.3 Nakobala Yo Denise
3.1 Sex Veve
3.2 Sisa Motema
3.3 Talali Talala
4.1 Zonga Vonvon
4.2 Nakomi Paralise
4.3 Matinda Comono

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