Various Artists: Women Of Doom (Various Artists)


Release Date: 04-10-2020

SKU: 760137345411

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Various Artists: Women Of Doom (Various Artists)

1. Product Details

Great music is great music, and while there shouldn't be a distinction between male and female musicians, we know there is. That's why it's important to highlight the creativity and heaviness of badass female artists. This record features exclusive new songs from The Otolith (members of SubRosa), Frayle, Mlny Parsonz (Royal Thunder), Heavy Temple, Doomstress, Besvarjelsen and more!

  1. Nighthawk and Heavy Temple - Astral Hand
  2. Amy Tung Barrysmith - Broken
  3. Besvärjelsen - A Curse to be Broken
  4. Mlny Parsonz - A Skeleton is Born
  5. Frayle - Marrow
  6. The Otolith - Bone Dust
  7. Doomstress Alexis - Facade
  8. Deathbell - Coldclaw
  9. The Keening - A Shadow Covers Your Face

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