Wartburg / Various: Wartburg


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Wartburg / Various: Wartburg
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Wartburg

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In September 2017 Siggi Loch invited Micchael Wollny bassist Christian Weber and drummer Eric Schaefer to Rainbow Studio in Oslo to record a new trio album. When the entire recording was done there simply was too much quality material for only one album. Rather than toss their great work two albums were released. One half of the project is featured here. Wartburg fizzes and shimmers with all the acuity of Michael Wollnys senses and his protean capacity to be alive to the possibilities and the magic of the moment. This is improvising at the limit life seen through a dream. The album also documents a first-ever encounter of his trio with Emile Parisien arguably the most influential and original voice on soprano sax today. This release is a unique moment in contemporary jazz.

1.1 Atavus
1.2 Big Louise
1.3 Perpetuum Mobile
1.4 Synonym
1.5 Interludium
1.6 Antonym
1.7 Gravit
1.8 White Blues
1.9 Tektonik
1.10 Engel
1.11 Make a Wish

H 0.18
W 12.29
L 12.46

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