Oslo / Various: Oslo


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Oslo / Various: Oslo
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Oslo

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This album Oslo is one of two releases that was born from a historic recording session in September 2017 at the Rainbow Studio in Oslo. Michael Wollny Christian Weber and Eric Schaefer brought their very best improvising chops to the studio and ended up with enough fantastic material to fill two albums. Oslo is about Michael Wollny- the masterful auteur of compelling movies dense narratives dazzling paintings in sound which occupy the ever-shifting ground between jazz classical and new music. His award-winning trio receives a whole new sound palette courtesy of the miraculous free improvisers of the Norwegian Wind Ensemble. Wollny writes of his creative process: So this is a process which one never really fully understands. Why is this happening right now... For me that goes way beyond music. Too much planning hinders the process. The secret of it for me is the capacity to react in the moment. Lucky for listeners his reacting in the moment is always on point.

1.1 Make a Wish
1.2 Hello Dave
1.3 Farbenlehre
1.4 Piano Trio Op. 120 Andantino
1.5 Zweidrei
1.6 Interludium
1.7 Roses Are Black
1.8 Longnote
1.9 Nuits Blanches
1.10 Perpetuum Mobile
1.11 Cantus Arcticus
1.12 There Again
1.13 The Whiteness of the Whale

H 0.17
W 12.04
L 12.04

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