Tsunami Bomb: Spine That Binds


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Tsunami Bomb: Spine That Binds
Artist: Tsunami Bomb
Title: Spine That Binds

1. Product Details

Northern Californias punk rock cult favorites Tsunami Bomb has risen from the grave and reformed with their third full-length release The Spine That Binds and with it they have proven that this chapter of Tsunami Bomb not only embraces their signature style of aggressive pop-punk supplemented by a touch of darkness but have taken it even further. Honing their skills of melody while being more in-your-face and more aggressive than ever they conjure a dark journey of discovery with each track. Originally formed in 1998 and disbanding after many member changes in 2005 Tsunami Bomb reformed at the end of 2015. This new release finds the quintet brought to life with the return of founders Dominic Davi bass / backing vocals Oobliette Sparks keyboards / co-lead vocals and Gabriel Lindeman drums. Joined by Kate Jacobi lead vocals and Andrew Pohl guitars/backing vocals they combine their skills to create a sound that effortlessly mixes dark musings on the search to find ones place in an increasingly uncaring world into unforgettable anthems calling on one to get up and sing-a -long.The Spine That Binds is not asking for your acceptance it demands it. This album will scratch the itch of all the die-hard fans looking for that familiar Tsunami Bomb sound but also show a new angrier and brutally honest side of the band. With the support of Jello Biafras legendary punk rock label Alternative Tentacles Records Tsunami Bomb has not only heard the call they are ready for the newest chapter to unfold and they are taking everything with them.

1.1 Tidal
1.2 Naysayers
1.3 The Hathors
1.4 Sinkhole
1.5 Petaluma
1.6 Dead Men Cant Catcall
1.7 Phosphene
1.8 Last Call
1.9 Lullaby for the End of the World
1.10 Wake the Dead
1.11 The Spine That Binds

H 0.17
W 12.32
L 12.34

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