Trentemoller: The Trentemoller Chronicles


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Trentemoller: The Trentemoller Chronicles
Artist: Trentem Ller
Title: The Trentemoller Chronicles

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This is Anders Trentemllers second full-length release after his astounding and critically-acclaimed debut the Last Resort on Pokerflat. This new double album is not a new studio album but as the title indicates an overview of Trentemllers impressive body of work. The Trentemller Chronicles includes Anders personal selection of his best songs and remixes which have only been available on vinyl or on compilations as well as some new and exclusive songs. But the fantastic Trentemller mix on CD1 and the fine selection of remixes on CD2 make this release a great double album in its own right for extraordinary listening pleasure. The Last Resort took the hearts of music lovers worldwide by storm. At that moment in time the Danish producer had built his outstanding reputation on not only his huge dancefloor hits but also the remix work hed done for other artists. Trentemllers work is an organic combination of hand-played instruments and electronic sounds. Layer after layer of instruments fall perfectly into place and contrasting large and vast echoes and sharp in-your-face sound bites mix with a dangerous but successful incompatibility. This Chronicle presents new songs and remixes and the best tracks and remixes that have only been available on 12 all hand-selected by the artist himself. Artists in the mix also include: Klovn Ane Trolle Richard Davis Mathias Schaffhuser the Blacksmoke Organisation the Knife Filur Jokke Ilse Robyn Sharon Phillips Tomboy Moby and Djuma Soundsystem.

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