This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow


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This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow
Artist: This Mortal Coil
Title: Filigree & Shadow

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180gm vinyl LP pressing. The inspiration of Ivo Watts-Russell This Mortal Coil emerged in the early-80s when the post-punk scene was splintering in exciting new ways and Ivos then-fledgling record label 4AD was in the thick of it all. This Mortal Coil were not a band per se never performing live rather a collaboration of musicians with both Ivo and co-producer John Fryer the only constants while the cast rotated. Released two years after their debut Filigree & Shadow 1986 was no less ornate than its predecessor. It was a double LP with no defined breaks between tracks so each of its four sides became a self-contained unit. The core expanded to add Simon Raymonde Cocteau Twins and arranger Martin McCarrick backing with the help of members of Dif Juz and The Wolfgang Press a variety of new singers Ivo handpicked including Alison Limerick Dominic Appleton Breathless sisters Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski Caroline Seaman Heavenly Bodies and Richenel. An intense record The Quietus called it tortured yet oddly euphoric... music which could easily rip flimsy souls apart.

1.1 Velvet Belly Remastered
1.2 The Jeweller Remastered
1.3 Ivy and Neet Remastered
1.4 Meniscus Remastered
1.5 Tears Remastered
1.6 Tarantula Remastered
2.1 My Father Remastered
2.2 Come Here My Love Remastered
2.3 At First and Then Remastered
2.4 Strength of Strings Remastered
2.5 Morning Glory Remastered
3.1 Inch-Blue Remastered
3.2 I Want to Live Remastered
3.3 Mama K 1 Remastered
3.4 Filigree Shadow Remastered
3.5 Firebrothers Remastered
3.6 Thais 1 Remastered
3.7 I Must Have Been Blind Remastered
3.8 A Heart of Glass Remastered
4.1 Alone Remastered
4.2 Mama K 2 Remastered
4.3 The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks Its Thumb Remastered
4.4 Drugs Remastered
4.5 Red Rain Remastered
4.6 Thais 2 Remastered

H 0.44
W 12.21
L 12.41

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