World/Inferno Friendship Society: This Packed Funeral


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World/Inferno Friendship Society: This Packed Funeral
Artist: The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Title: This Packed Funeral

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Vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2014 album from the veteran Punk Rock cabaret ensemble. Equal parts Punk Soul Klezmer and Jazz replete with horns piano guitar and a lot of boys and girls with very sharp teeth the Brooklyn- based groups must-see stage charisma rivals Slim Cessnas Auto Club. The ensemble has over 40 members including a guy from Dexys Midnight Runners whos in Black 47 now. Only about seven to thirteen show up at any given time due to parole restrictions so one never can tell how crowded the dressing room is going to be. THIS PACKED FUNERAL features their signature critically acclaimed romantic-tangoing / violent break-up-inducing mayhem while combining contrapuntal fugue and the classic hardcore punk sounds of Code of Honor TSOL and the Damned.

1.1 Dolce Far Niente
1.2 American Mercurial
1.3 Elegant Solution
1.4 Dont Kiss Me Im Running Out of Lipstick
1.5 Faster You Go the Better You Think
1.6 Dont Get Me Started Dont Get Me Wrong
1.7 Taken Down a Peg I Help Out the Squatters in the Subway
1.8 Dr. Dracula Who Makes You Get High
1.9 This Packed Funeral
1.10 So Long Saving Grace

H 0.13
W 11.49
L 12.29

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