Fartz: Whats in a Name


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Fartz: Whats in a Name
Artist: The Fartz
Title: Whats in a Name

1. Product Details

1.1 People United
1.2 Police Force W.T.D. Mix
1.3 Iron Fist
1.4 Freight Train
1.5 Is This the Way Its Gonna Be
1.6 Take a Stand Against the Klan
1.7 Heros Come Home in Boxes
1.8 Death Merchants
1.9 Viet-Vet
1.10 God Fearing Christians
1.11 Judgement Day
1.12 Resistance War Is Hell
1.13 Idiots Rule
1.14 Children of the Grave
1.15 Youve Got a Brain So Use It

H 0.12
W 12.24
L 12.26

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