Dead C: Eusa Kills/Helen Said This


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Dead C: Eusa Kills/Helen Said This
Artist: The Dead C
Title: Eusa Kills/Helen Said This

1. Product Details

Rare and long out-of-print recordings from the Flying Nun years considered the bands seminal initial period. Includes Beautiful gatefold Stoughton jackets.

1.1 Scarey Nest
1.2 Call Back Your Dogs
1.3 Alien to Be
1.4 Phantom Power
1.5 Now I Fall
1.6 I Was Here
1.7 Children
1.8 Bumtoe
1.9 Glass Hole Pit
1.10 Maggot
1.11 Envelopment
2.1 Helen Said This
2.2 Bury Refutatio Omnium Haeresium

H 0.10
W 12.48
L 12.70

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