Terror Train: Terror Train


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Terror Train: Terror Train
Artist: Terror Train
Title: Terror Train

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Put on your boogie shoes and fangs tonight its an episode of Scooby Doo via Dario Argento or Prom Night re-envisioned as an after school special. Terror Train is Nick Huntington of the electronic duo Freescha. Inspired by his love for disco balls sci-fi and horror films hes recorded a large catalogue of Terror Train music over the last year. This is his first released album from those recordings 10 Tracks of galactic horror boogie and ambient disco. The track Horror Night features vocals by Boyz to Kill the brand new creation from the Lady Tigra and her partner in crime Coco Morier Electrocute. These candy-vicious girls are out to rock some dirty beats and dominate the dance floor with an EP of more songs from their collaboration with Terror Train expected early 2012.

1.1 Tonight
1.2 Dark Dancer
1.3 Beatbox Beat
1.4 The Crystal Lake
1.5 Tears
1.6 Time-Out
1.7 I Fell
1.8 Horror Night
1.9 Creepy Crawly
1.10 Love Sick

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L 12.66

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