Sterbhaus: Angels for Breakfast & God for Lunch


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Sterbhaus: Angels for Breakfast & God for Lunch
Artist: Sterbhaus
Title: Angels for Breakfast & God for Lunch

1. Product Details

Limites white vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the Swedish Thrash/Death Metal and. Sterbhaus features Marcus Hammarstrm formerly of one man project Elvira Madigan. Bloody potent passionate straightforward and timeless. Sterbhaus is all of this and quite a bit more. Add some tongue in cheek humor and dark wit that never gives an inch regarding honesty and quality and you get an even better picture. With ANGELS FOR BREAKFAST... AND GOD FOR LUNCH they have established themselves as an extraordinary live act staying true to the honesty and charm of past Metal ideals while never having a go at being either retro or modern. The album consists of 12 killers recorded in Studio Abyss B T. Tgtgren - Marduk Dark Funeral etc. and was mixed by Jonas Kjellgren Kampfar Scar Symmetry.

1.1 Insecticide
1.2 Ripping the Pope
1.3 Absolutely Do Not Die
1.4 Great Dreamsmasher of Conformity
1.5 Tell Them I Hate Them
1.6 Retardival
1.7 Captain Bible in the Dome of the Dead
1.8 Faceplant Armageddon
1.9 Frogboiler
1.10 Deathwizz
1.11 Project S.A.T.A.N
1.12 Ministry

H 0.17
W 12.25
L 12.42

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