Smoking Trees: TST


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Smoking Trees: TST
Artist: Smoking Trees
Title: TST

1. Product Details

Vinyl LP pressing of this 2015 release. The Smoking Trees tread new ground with their second album TST creating the double sunshine effect that comes from combining an encyclopedic knowledge of psychedelia with their West Coast hip-hop tricks and bricks. The group comprise of Sir Psych & L.A. Al who have been slowly gaining more ground on ample play over the past two years. This is a complete album that flips the lid on album creating so much so that they have already gained offers of work from Soko to MGMT and a former Beatle. There is always dispute whether the East Coast or West Coast gets there first and in this case the word on the sunny side of the street says California has it by taking to the skies.

1.1 Good Morning
1.2 Home in the Morning
1.3 Best Friend
1.4 Trips
1.5 Its Only Natural
1.6 Awake in Your Dreams
1.7 She Takes Flight with Me
1.8 Island of Adventure
1.9 Rose Flower Lilac
1.10 California Air
1.11 VictoriaS Garden
1.12 Through Your Reflection

H 0.12
W 12.25
L 12.33

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