Driver Ryan: Feeler of Pure Joy


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Driver Ryan: Feeler of Pure Joy
Artist: Ryan Driver
Title: Feeler of Pure Joy

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Canadian singer/songwriter Ryan Driver has played in a host of bands but FEELER OF PURE JOY is his first solo excursion. A spare acoustic-oriented effort its focused squarely on Drivers singing and guitar. His voice is a flexible instrument capable of hopping up and down registers as it darts ably around his nimble finger-picking. Drivers songs have their roots in folk and country but he keeps things interesting both lyrically and musically by setting things just slightly askew with idiosyncratic left-field moves.

1.1 You Are Beside Me
1.2 No One Can Say Too Well
1.3 Time and Trouble
1.4 Its Nothing
1.5 When Were You in Mexico
1.6 Thats Which Way the Waterfalls
1.7 Oh the World Between Us
1.8 Spinning Towers
1.9 Why the Road
1.10 Thousand Feathers of My Love
1.11 Feeler of Pure Joy

H 0.14
W 12.49
L 12.61

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