Pylon: Pylon Live


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Pylon: Pylon Live
Artist: Pylon
Title: Pylon Live

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Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Back in 1983 Athens GA legends Pylon had just released Chomp their second album and toured the country extensively and played several opening slots for then up-and-comers U2. Without a hint of explanation they suddenly quit. This is their final show at the Mad Hatter in Athens full of a frenzy of minimal disco thud post-punk guitar scree and deliriously inspired howl. Theres little arguing that the Athens powerhouse trifecta of R.E.M. the B-52s and Pylon is peerless. While all three bands have achieved great critical acclaim only the first two had the commercial acclaim they deserved. Pylon Live intends to correct that. Randy Bewley and Michael Lachowskis simple lines display untoward rhythm and melody respectively. Curtis Crowe bangs away so obdurately its hard to understand why he didnt become rich. Vanessa Briscoe Hay barks and brays whatever incantatory phrases seem called for. Timeless. Cool.

1.1 Working Is No
1.2 Problem
1.3 Driving School
1.4 No Clocks
1.5 Altitude
1.6 Gravity
1.7 Crazy
1.8 K
1.9 Cool
1.10 Italian Movie
1.11 Theme
2.1 Buzz
2.2 Danger
2.3 Reptiles
2.4 Stop It
2.5 Feast on My Heart
2.6 Beep
2.7 M Train
2.8 Volume
2.9 Weather Radio
2.10 Party Zone
2.11 Batman

H 0.36
W 12.31
L 12.44

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