Rudz Przemyslaw: Music For Stargazing


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Rudz Przemyslaw: Music For Stargazing
Artist: Przemyslaw Rudz
Title: Music For Stargazing

1. Product Details

Limited Edition 180-gram 2 x LP pressing.

1.1 Starry Heavens Above Me
1.2 Mysterious Twilight on a Twin Earth
1.3 Across the Galactic Plane
1.4 Zodiac Heroes
1.5 My God Its Full of Stars
2.1 Abyss of Space
2.2 Trapped Inside the Event Horizon
2.3 Towards the Apex
2.4 Sunrise in a Habitable Zone
2.5 The Astronomer LP Extended Version

H 0.32
W 12.35
L 12.39

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