Paulusma Polly: Leaves from the Family Tree


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Paulusma Polly: Leaves from the Family Tree
Artist: Polly Paulusma
Title: Leaves from the Family Tree

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Leaves from the Family Tree is Pollys third album. She is founder of the label Wild Sound and the proud owner of a caravan called Ella to make touring with her young family a possibility - but only in the school holidays. On this joyful third album she has collaborated with folk heroes Adem and Erin McKeown rock violin diva Anna Phoebe and acclaimed film composer Michael Price of recent Sherlock fame combining recordings from her garden shed Pinewood Studios and everywhere in between to create an insightful representation of the joys and complications of modern family life.

1.1 Last Week Me
1.2 Blood-Red Coat
1.3 Hallelujah
1.4 Story of My Life
1.5 Most of It
1.6 Two Houses
1.7 Dont Ask Me
1.8 Ocean
1.9 Lynch Pin
1.10 All Is Well
1.11 Wedding Day
1.12 Take Me Hom
1.13 Dont Ask Me Radio Edit

H 0.17
W 12.29
L 12.36

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