Planet Asia: The Golden Buddha


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Planet Asia: The Golden Buddha
Artist: Planet Asia
Title: The Golden Buddha

1. Product Details

1.1 Magnetic Lord
1.2 Fireworks
1.3 Hood Legends Feat. the Architect
1.4 Smart Too Late
1.5 You Are King Feat. Xiomara
1.6 I Climb Feat. Marvelous Mag Xiomara Hus Kingpin
1.7 Shots at Your Highness Feat. Turbin
1.8 Pieces Hittin
1.9 Salute My Gs Feat. Marvelous Mag
1.10 Black Egypt Feat. Tristate
1.11 Royal Blood Feat. Killa Kali
1.12 Siddhartha
1.13 Take It Higher Feat. Xiomara
1.14 Fast Not Slow Feat. Az

H 0.16
W 12.21
L 12.28

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