Fournier Pierre: Rendezvous Musical


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Fournier Pierre: Rendezvous Musical
Artist: Pierre Fournier
Title: Rendezvous Musical

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Cellist Pierre Fournier is accompanied by pianist Lamar Crowson for compositional works written for the cello by such composers as Haydn Weber Chopin Tchaikovsky Brahms Saint-Saens and more. Fourniers tone is a constant delight warmly lyrical yet with a plangent edge that does wonders for the more pleading episodes of Dvoraks Rondo a work written for the cello and making the fact very clear. His phrasing is beautifully shapely in cantabile. And when scurrying around in Francoeurs Allegro vivo Rimsky-Korsakovs Bumble-bee and Poppers Elfentanz he brings a bite to the accentuation which keeps the rhythm both tingling and disciplined. The Weber is a pleasant surprise but I particularly enjoyed the Dvorak the Schumann meant for the horn but with cello as an op-tional alternative and the Brahms... Brahmss particular brand of deep-hued sentiment is wholly at one with the soul of the cello. - Gramophone.

1.1 Adagio Cantabile - Allegro Vivo
1.2 Tempo Di Minuetto
1.3 Larghetto - Rondo
1.4 Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
1.5 Hymne An Die Sonne
1.6 Hummelflug
1.7 Adagio Und Allegro Op. 70
2.1 Ave Maria Meditation
2.2 Valse Sentimentale Op. 51 No. 6
2.3 Feldeinsamkeit Op. 86 No. 2
2.4 Elfentanz Op. 39 Dance of the Elves
2.5 Rondo Op. 94
2.6 Der Schwan
2.7 Variationen Uber Ein Thema Aus Der Oper
2.8 Pezzo Cappriccioso Op. 62

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